ying to seize food from a tiger’s mouth, which made him feel unsure.

Fortunately, he is now wearing an invisibility charm and has never revealed his whereabouts. Even the woman who knew about it was killed.
The golden ripples in the sky disappeared. He drove the dark gold boat and returned quickly. The God-Slaying Flag became silent. After the runes in the ground were destroyed, it was no longer so dangerous.
Wang Xuan did not dare to approach. Even if this thing was not activated by the magic circle, it was extremely dangerous. He offered a small yellow gourd and used it to collect it.
The gourd’s mouth glowed, and Ruixia wrapped around the small flag and pulled it out of the secret vault, slowly approaching here.
Wang Xuan was moved. The God-Slaying Flag was no bigger than the palm of his hand, but it felt extremely heavy when he collected it, as if he was carrying a small mountain.
In particular, as Xiaoqi approached, the yellow gourd actually trembled, as if trembling. Wang Xuan was speechless for a while. Is this “bloodline” suppression?
On the way, the flag trembled, and ripples appeared again, which immediately made Wang Xuan’s hair stand on end. He almost gave up on it and prepared to smash the gourd.
Fortunately, there was no danger, it just flipped the flag and became silent again.
The gourd trembled slightly, and Wang Xuan was speechless for a while. He carefully put the God-Slaying Flag into the fragments of the blessed land.
At this point, Wang Xuan let out a long breath. Although it didn’t take long, but every step of the way was thrilling, he finally got what he wanted and got this legendary treasure!
No matter whether he formed a causal relationship with anyone, he didn’t care anymore. With the God-Slaying Flag, as long as he quickly improves his strength, even if the demons dance wildly and all kinds of monsters appear, he will have a certain degree of confidence.
In particular, the God-killing Flag is particularly lethal to the souls coming out of the curtain.
/He stood in front of another secret vault and continued the woman’s unfinished mission.
He did not enter the secret treasury, fearing that he would get trapped in it. Twenty-seven golden bamboo slips fell not far away, very close to the exit.
Wang Xuan used his mental power to pull the bamboo slips, and the flowing golden bamboo slips floated up. However, some mysterious artifacts in the secret vault followed suit and locked the bamboo slips, preventing them from leaving.
“What’s the situation? Since there is an expert arrangement, why doesn’t he just take it away?” Wang Xuan struggled to pull it, his head was covered with sweat. The closer he got to the exit of the secret warehouse, the greater the resistance.
He was also distracted, always paying attention to the movements around him, fearing that Zhou Chong and the robot would come back and give him a hard blow, which would be very fatal.
He was hesitating whether to violently break through the secret vault and maybe bring out some more treasures.