of the Dao Alliance, said: “In order to open up the sea of ??chaos, see the truth of the Dao, and in order to have no more misfortune in the world, I wish all sins to be returned to me.”

The palace masters were inexplicably moved and chanted one after another: “May all sins be returned to me!”
“Tao Ji, Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty has entered Ji Ji, still can’t you cultivate to the end of Ji Nirvana?” Yuan Xu, the leader of Tao Alliance asked.
The figure of True Lord Daoji slowly emerged from the flood source of Nirvana, becoming clear from haziness. He bowed to the leader of the Dao Alliance, shook his head and said: “The end of the Nirvana Avenue is more difficult than I thought. I originally thought I had obtained it. The extremely perfect Avenue of Annihilation, but after admiring the Annihilation of the Hunyuan Universe here, I realized that there are still new things in the Avenue of Annihilation. My Avenue of Annihilation is still not perfect.”
He has been observing the Flood Source of Nirvana here for many years. He originally thought that he would break through smoothly, complete the path of Nirvana, and become one of the most powerful beings in the Dao Alliance. However, he still couldn’t break through.
“Moreover, the death of the Hunyuan Universe is not perfect. I noticed that this universe is not completely dead, and there is still a part of it that exists in the sea of ??chaos.”
Taoist leader Yuan Xu suddenly realized: “I see. The big man has gone astray after all and embarked on a path different from ours. Xu Ying just took away the universe and asked him to hand it over. In the sea of ??chaos, there is no one who can compete with us. A rival force.”
He looked indifferent and said leisurely: “The Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty has destroyed tens of thousands of universes. What kind of chaotic spiritual roots will be born on this huge corpse? The flood source produced by this spiritual root will swallow up the sea of ??chaos and realize An achievement that no one, including the Chaos Lord, has ever achieved! Dao Silence!”
Everyone said yes.
True Lord Daoji walked back into the flood source of annihilation, while the other palace masters left one after another.
“Only by opening up the Sea of ??Chaos can we see all the avenues.”
Taoist leader Yuanxu ducked away, his voice lingering.
“The day when the sea of ??chaos becomes clear is when the true Tao appears!”
After they left, Xu Ying’s figure also appeared in front of the Flood Source of Annihilation. He raised his head and looked at the flood source, and saw that the scale of the Flood Source of Annihilation was comparable to a complete universe!
Xu Ying has never seen such a large-scale annihilation flood source!
“The Hunyuan Universe is really dead. With the burning speed of the sky fire, I’m afraid it will be burned out in another hundred years.”
/The bigger the flood source is, the stronger the fire will be and the faster it will burn!
The avenue of annihilation in Hongyuan will also improve rapidly, and it will not be long before it reaches it