ra. As the saying goes, a bit of true spirit is immortal, hence the name.

Others are a bit of immortal true spirit, Xu Ying is a whole body of immortal true spirit, and the three souls and seven souls are squeezed into little space.
Of course, this is relative.
/In fact, Xu Ying attached great importance to the soul and practiced diligently just to make up for the shortcomings of the soul. But unfortunately his immortal true spirit is too strong. Even though his soul has improved tremendously, it is still insignificant compared to the immortal true spirit.
Now that he has opened the secret treasure of Yongquan, he is absorbing the soul elixir all the time, comprehending the dharma, and coupled with the essence of the original path, his soul cultivation is bound to improve by leaps and bounds!
Xu Ying poured the essence of the original path into his stomach, and soon realized that he could not swallow more of the essence of the original path. Yuan Dao Jing Cui is a wonderful substance that Xiao Xuantian’s spiritual roots collect spiritual energy from places close to the fairy world and refine it in his own body. It originally has the effect of improving cultivation and enhancing physical fitness and understanding.
But its biggest function is actually to replenish the immortal’s cultivation and improve his physique.
At that time, the immortal body still had secular power, and the impurities in the body and soul needed to be replaced by the essence of the original path, and they were purified and sublimated in the baptism of the essence of the original path.
Xu Ying was not an immortal. He drank so much of the Essence of the Original Dao that he was not bursting. His ability was extraordinary. If he wanted to drink more, his body would be in danger.
“Master Qi, take it!” Xu Ying threw the gourd to An Qi.
/An Qi quickly rolled up the gourd, opened his mouth and poured out the essence of the original way.
While protecting them, the big bell flew towards Yushan and said quickly: “Master Qi, don’t drink all the wine, you still have me!”
An Qi quickly burped, and a round ball of water spurted out from his mouth, but every part of his body was already filled with the Essence of the Original Dao and could no longer hold any more.
“Master Zhong, go on!” Xian Qi threw up the gourd.
The big bell clanked with excitement, and he used his spiritual consciousness to roll up the gourd, sucking the essence of the original path into his body and condensing his own material.
“Both of you are unlucky. You can only carry half of the mountain when you enter Baoshan. I can hollow out the mountain and pull out all the roots!” it laughed.
Even so, it couldn’t drink much of the essence of the original path, and the bell wall couldn’t hold more, and it couldn’t help but feel depressed.
Xu Ying stuffed the gourd into his Xiyi Realm, desperately activated the Taiyi Guidance Skill, and fished for the Six Secret Immortals. In this way, he could improve his cultivation as quickly as possible and consume more essence of the original pat