sire to fight to the death with Mother Danxia.

Raising his head to wipe away the blood flowing between his brows and eyes, Old Taoist Qinghai wanted to see clearly the expression of Danxia’s mother at this moment.
Maybe when future generations record this episode in the annals of history, it needs to be clearly stated that this old pious woman had an extraordinary life and slayed the Golden Elixir Dao Fruit in the mountains of corpses and seas of blood, but she still had to be taught by me when she was old. Suppressed by the single hand of a great master of swordsmanship, he could not escape the final outcome of his soul being scattered and his body and soul destroyed while he was begging for mercy in panic.
This old pious woman had killed countless people in her life, but when she arrived, she had to comment on her swordsmanship.
For a moment, Old Dao Qinghai felt dizzy and hot. Thinking of these names behind his back, he felt much hotter than the blood that kept flowing on his face.
/Huh? I haven’t reached my birthday yet, why do I want to think about these posthumous names?
In the same place, he didn’t wait for Old Taoist Qinghai to think about this clearly.
Here, Mother Danxia’s breath suddenly changed again.
At this moment, in the solitary mountain in the distant sea, it was Chun Yuzhi’s divine form that shone in Chu Weiyang’s Niwan Palace. She was wearing a silver and yellow robe and worshiping Chu Weiyang’s spiritual altar and Taoist figures. .
When Chun Yuzhi’s divine form was also imprinted on the Tao diagram belonging to Chu Weiyang.
Suddenly, in another place outside the sea, in Tiantai Dao City, Chun Yuhuai’s figure suddenly trembled.
Now, everything he possesses, from Tao and Dharma to the foundation of destiny, is all inherited from Chun Yuzhi, and he is living in place of Chun Yuzhi.
But neither Danxia’s mother nor Chun Yuhuai seemed to have thought about a problem. What if the real Chun Yuzhi had never died, and the true soul had not collapsed, and was intertwined and resonated with the other causes and fortunes. , what should Chunyu Huai do at that time?
None of them thought about this problem.
But now, Chunyu Huai had to face this problem.
In the blink of an eye, Chun Yuhuai’s spirit, energy, and spirit were disordered, and her Taoist body trembled. In the dark, the halo hanging behind her head could make people clearly feel that it was majestic and unparalleled. The power of luck is dissipating, rushing towards a remote but unpredictable unknown place.
As soon as the luck declined, the foundation collapsed, the Tao and the Dharma began to be disharmonious, and Chun Yuhuai’s true spirit began to face the almost ocean-like vitality of all laws boiling in the sea of ??qi.
/At the same time, Chun Yuhuai’s voice of chanting the mantra toward Old Mother Danxia suddenly stopped. It was due to the disorder of the cause and effect Qi that he was unable to respond to Old Mother Danxia in a short period of time.
However, this time, from beginning to end, Old Snake and Island Master Mo reli