icult for the detector to capture a clear picture of Jinding Mountain because the supermatter is too rich and destroys a lot of expensive equipment.

Now, only a blurry vision can be seen, and people are shocked to find that the Sword Immortal is there. What is he doing, confronting the creatures in the curtain?
A hazy curtain shrouded people, making people deeply uneasy.
The outside world was shocked and wondered, was that the Immortal? Someone seemed to have died just now. It exploded in front of Wang Xuan, and even the flesh and blood were burned to ashes.
/Chirping sounds sounded from time to time, and the signal became weaker and weaker. All major organizations outside were frightened. What is the current situation in Jinding Mountain?
“Can’t open it!” Wang Xuan’s body sounded anxious in front of the curtain at Jinding Mountain.
Some immortals touched the fishing hook and crossed over, trying to forcefully open Wang Xuan’s interior location, but they always failed.
Vaguely, he could see some vague shadows, which should be the special interior space, but why did he miss it again and again?
“Time is precious. If we delay it any longer, something unexpected might happen.” Someone said.
Whoosh whoosh!
Several more of the Immortals moved, following the fishing hook, into Wang Xuan’s bleeding palm, trying to occupy his body and force open that special interior location.
“Please cooperate with me!” Huang Kun’s face was distorted. He had already made a mistake today, causing tragedy for the seven masters in the scene.
Now, he will never allow accidents to happen again, otherwise he will no longer be able to face that peerless strong man. If something happens again, he will commit suicide in advance.
Wang Xuan ignored Huang Kun, but looked to the opposite side and said, “In the world behind the scenes, are the people with flesh and blood aborigines, or re-condensed bodies? What state are you in?”
He was thinking and comparing that the strange world he entered through the mist rising from the life soil also coexisted with physical objects and spiritual bodies.
If the two are connected, he should be able to do a lot if he finds the right time.
Huang Kun couldn’t stand him. He was dying. He was still asking questions. He had all kinds of questions. It’s true that the ignorant are fearless!
He grabbed Wang Xuan’s neck with a cold face. He changed from the gentleness he had at the ancestral temple and said in a cold voice: “Shut up and calm down!”
“You’d better put your hands down and show me some respect.” Wang Xuan said coldly.
Huang Kun laughed angrily. He became an immortal and ascended to the Immortal Class, but he was repeatedly despised by a living young man who dared to speak to him like this.
However, in an instant, his body froze slightly, because behind the scenes, the immortals were looking at him. A group of creatures all looked bad and felt that he was not doing his job well. Is this the time for a fight of will?
Huang Kun silently let go of his hand and said one word for now: endure!
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