“Is this the place of ascension?”

Xu Ying was inexplicably surprised. This Lishan Tomb turned out to be a place of ascension!
Moreover, there is more than one immortal who ascended here. Judging from the number of ascended rays of light, seven immortals once ascended here!
“Is this the paradise of cave heaven?”
As soon as he thought of this, he realized something was wrong. This should not be the Ascension Land. Instead, someone had cut off the Ascension Land in the Cave Heaven Paradise and moved it here!
Because those cut-off spaces are glowing with the color of glass. When you move your eyes, you can see the colorful colors reflected from the space sections!
Xu Fu pointed to the distance and said: “The First Emperor transplanted seven places of ascension, and used the glow left by these immortals to hang his coffin, bringing himself closer to the immortal world. Have you seen his coffin?”
Everyone was using their eyesight to the extreme, but few could clearly see what was in the rising glow. Xu Ying used his heavenly eyes and could barely see a golden coffin floating in the rising glow, slowly rotating.
Could that be the golden coffin of the First Emperor?
There are mountains on the ground and mountains in the sky. The fairy mountains hang upside down and are glowing with blood.
There are blood dragons coiled around some mountains. Looking from a distance, the blood-colored scales are sliding. I don’t know if it is an illusion or real.
/“That’s the First Emperor’s Ancestral Dragon. He killed the most powerful man and used the Five Sacred Mountains in the Xiyi Domain to set up a ban. It’s extremely difficult to get past.”
The old man, Thin Bamboo Man, who was only three or four feet tall, took a breath and said, “When those Nuo masters came here, they should have crossed over this river and entered the mountains.”
Under their feet, there was a long silver-white river, about a hundred feet wide, and the river was flowing. This was a mercury river, and the river water was extremely heavy mercury.
The long river of mercury passes through the mountains and flows between the mountains and rivers. Judging from the trend of the river, it should be close to the golden coffin of the First Emperor Zulong!
Xu Fu was about to cross the river when he suddenly stopped. Xu Ying felt awe-struck in his heart as he felt an extremely powerful aura coming towards him.
/Everyone followed the breath and saw an altar floating on the river, which was 14 to 50 feet long and 15 feet wide. The place where the altar floated above the surface of the water was only over a foot high, and it was unknown how high it was under the water.
On the altar, stood a golden figure of more than twenty feet, covered with golden light, holding a bronze sword, and wearing golden armor. The aura of incense around him was extremely strong, and it also carried the aura of a heaven-shaking magic weapon!
Behind it, there is actually a shrine. In addition to the shrine, there is also the vision of the Five Sacred Mountains floating. The Tianhe River h