stood up and said goodbye to Yuan Shi.

Yuan Shi nodded slightly without saying goodbye.
/“I wanted to persuade him to let go of his obsession, but he looked at where my obsession was, so he could only say nothing.” Yuan Shi said to the fox girl.
The guests of the Great Void walked in the void with Taoji, found many wonderful places, and met many strange people.
He was so busy with his travels that whenever he went to a place, he only stayed briefly and then left in a hurry.
/“He is a passer-by and does not belong here.” someone said.
The guest is still searching, and time has never tired his steps.
However, the Great Void is too big. Where will the Three Realms he is looking for be?
Does the Three Realms he dreams about really still exist?
The guest’s body trembled, and he heard the sound of bells coming from the void, which was melodious and quite familiar.
Like an old friend returning.