is magnificent!

However, the Holy Ancestor saw that countless pieces of cosmic debris were sublimated in the collision between the two, and the brilliance that burst out at this moment was extremely brilliant. But the more gorgeous it was, the more panicked he became.
True Lord Daoji stood by his side and noticed that he was shaking. He was surprised and said, “What’s wrong with the Holy Ancestor?”
The Holy Ancestor did not speak. The Qi of Nirvana in the cosmic cemetery was sublimated in this collision. The remnants of the universe that could not be refined by the Nirvana Tribulation were also sublimating to the extreme, turning from the most useless and filthy remnants into majestic The vitality contains the power that can give birth to everything!
But this also means the decline of the Avenue of Nirvana!
The more the debris of the universe sublimates, the faster the Avenue of Annihilation declines.
“Fellow Daoist Xu, it’s still not enough.”
The Dao Emperor’s retreating figure suddenly burst out with majestic Dao power. The next moment, a vast sea of ??Dao spread out, and the turbulent Dao sea even drowned the Holy Ancestor and Dao Ji Zhenjun, and Xu Ying’s Hou Tian Collide together!
At the edge of the two Dao seas, they collide with each other, and various Dao methods compete with each other. The Dao is constantly being destroyed and shattered, which is extremely shocking.
The Holy Ancestor was in despair and had no intention of caring about other things, but True Lord Dao Ji looked at the Dao Emperor’s sea of ????Dao. He saw that this Dao sea was vast and vast, and could not see the flow of Dao. It was not like Hongmeng, Chaos, or the cause and effect of reincarnation. Nor is it like killing and annihilating.
/This Dao Sea has no matter, just pure energy, either tangible and formless, or intangible and formless, or tangible and formable, or formless and intangible.
“The Wuji Dao Sea! The Dao Emperor’s Taoism is based on the Wuji, and the Wuji evolves into infinite avenues!”
Zhenjun Daoji looked around and thought, “I didn’t expect that the simple Tao of Wuji could be cultivated to this point. It’s not right. It’s not completely Wuji.”
He examined it carefully and saw that the evolution of Taoism in this infinite sea of ????dao has long gone beyond the scope of the infinite road and the scope of the nine innate ways. It is somewhat similar to Xu Ying’s acquired sea of ????dao, which accommodates other views of the great road.
/“The Tao Emperor’s Wuji should be the concept of Wuji, not the Wuji Tao itself.”
The True Monarch of Daoji was observing the Dao Sea of ??the Dao Emperor. Suddenly a flash of light flashed through his mind, and he thought, “Then based on the concept of Wuji, I may be able to understand the concept of annihilation. Based on this, I can evolve a piece of silence.” Destroy the Daohai and find your own path!”
He stood blankly in the Wuji Dao Sea, carrying the Holy Ancestor, his face seemed sad but also happy.
He and Xu Ying studied the Yuanshi Tribulation Sutra together, and obser