and David seemed to be chatting, if he could help David through this matter, the subsequent negotiations would be much easier.

“After August Templar inquired about the origin of the black flying mount egg to no avail, he found us and wanted to find out the origin of the black flying mount egg through our family’s information. After research by the four of us, the Economic Cooperation and Economic Cooperation made a lot of inquiries After reading the books, I finally made several judgments about the black flying mount egg, but there was no accurate result.
But after seeing the appearance of the flying mount, I can confirm the name of this flying mount. This is a ‘Shadow Pterosaur’! “Armand, a fifth-level Templar, explained with a smile.
/“I didn’t expect that the flying mount egg that the Dennis family did not claim to be the owner of would actually be such a legendary creature!” Anselm’s fifth-level Templar also sighed.
“Can you tell me what kind of creature the ‘Shadow Pterosaur’ is? What are its characteristics?” David became even more curious about the little guy after hearing Armand’s fifth-level Templar call the little guy’s name. he asked.
In the divine world, any creature that can have a dragon in its name means that it has the blood of a dragon in its body.
“Duke Arthur, of course, it’s my honor!” Armand’s fifth-level Templar smiled even more on his face. David’s attitude made him see hope that the conflicts between the two parties could be eliminated, and even through this A chance to become friends with this powerful young knight.
He made eye contact with Anselm’s fifth-level Templar, and their many interactions made them understand that they both had the same idea.
“The ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’ appeared in ancient times. At that time, giant dragons were still flying in the sky. The dragon’s debauchery caused countless creatures with the blood of the dragon to appear one after another. Among them were the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’. Creatures of dragon bloodline.
‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ generally possesses the ability of invisibility and silent flight, which is related to the dark energy in the body of ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’. In ancient times, it became the mount of the ancient god’s attendant.
However, with the demise of the Dragon Age, creatures with dragon bloodline disappeared in large numbers. Nowadays, the creatures that claim to have dragon bloodline are actually extremely thin dragon bloodline, which is very different from the real dragon bloodline creatures. “Armand, a fifth-level Templar, explained to David.
David turned his head and looked at the little guy ‘Shadow Pterosaur’, but he didn’t see that this little guy was still an ancient species. Is the aesthetics in ancient times so different from now?
What he didn’t know was that there weren’t many beautiful creatures with dragon bloodline.
A powerful bloodline gives a creature a ferocious appearance, making it a stronger deterrent to other creatures.
“Is this ‘Shadow Pterosaur’ extinct?” David asked again.
“Yes, except for the description of