hind the Dao Alliance. Our Yimeng has been able to fight against the Dao Alliance for so many years, so naturally we have the support of the existence of the Yuanshi Realm. That existence told me that the leader of the Dao Alliance, Yuanxu, is about to achieve the Yuanshi Realm. , let me try to destroy it.”

Xu Ying smiled broadly and said, “Could this Yuanshi Realm being also come from the Cosmic Cemetery?”
Wu Zheng nodded, not hiding anything, and said: “This old man comes from the Universe Cemetery, and has a high status in the cemetery. He is called Xuanhuang Tianzun. Could it be that fellow Taoist Xu has doubts about my identity? I can set up a trap Altar, please come to Xuanhuang Tianzun.”
Xu Ying was silent for a moment, then said with a smile: “I’m just being suspicious. Please ask Taoist brother to set up an altar and invite Xuanhuang Tianzun to come.”
Wu Zheng smiled and said: “Fellow Taoist is really cautious. Our Yimeng and Daomeng are on the same side and have deep hatred. Could it be that fellow Taoist suspects that I have colluded with Daomeng?”
He shook his head and laughed, set up the altar, burned it and offered blessings.
Xu Ying stood behind him, watching him perform the sacrifice, and said with a smile: “Brother Dao, how does Xuanhuang Tianzun behind you know that Yuanxu is about to reach the Yuanshi realm?”
Wu Zheng stiffened and said with a smile: “This is beyond my ability to know. The Yuanshi realm has vast magical powers, which are better than those of Taoism. I guess they have their own methods.”
But I saw the fragrance curling up, and an extremely ancient face slowly appeared in the scent of incense.
/Wu Zheng bowed and said: “Tianzun, the Lord of Chaos would like to ask how Tianzun knew that the leader of the Dao Alliance Yuanxu was about to achieve the Dao Yuanshi Realm.”
/The ancient face in the incense fell on Xu Ying and said in a deep voice: “It turns out to be Fellow Daoist Xu. Yuanxu’s realization of the Dao Yuanshi Realm has caused the Dao induction of the Chaos Sea, which is impossible for ordinary Dao to detect. But for the old man, it is It’s not difficult.”
Xu Ying said quickly: “I am suspicious. Brother Xuanhuang, please forgive me.”
The ancient face smiled and said: “I don’t know what’s wrong. I asked Wu Zheng to go find you and deal with Yuanxu together. There are two factions in the cosmic cemetery. One faction advocates the complete opening up of the Sea of ??Chaos, and the other advocates not intervening in the Sea of ??Chaos. . I just can’t stand the fellow Taoists who opened up the Sea of ??Chaos and ignored the lives of all living beings, so I went against them. I hope the Lord of Chaos will learn from it.”
Xu Ying said seriously: “Thank you, Brother Dao, for clearing up the confusion.”
The faces in the incense confessed their sins and disappeared.
Xu Ying lowered his guard, took away the white-haired head, and said with a smile: “Leader Wu, I am paranoid, please forgive me.”
Wu Zheng breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “Fellow Taoist is