uan Immortal Emperor!”

When Di Chen heard this, his expression darkened.
With his current strength, he could destroy Su Hongyu and the princes and generals of Emperor Zhao’s old dynasty without even raising his hand. Even, wipe out Emperor Zhao’s
But he didn’t kill Su Hongyu because he did agree to this condition when he became the Immortal Emperor.
“Yes, I feel guilty.”
Di Chen admitted this openly and said, “Back then, I did promise to suffer the disaster for the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty and save the sentient beings in the universe from the Immortal Dynasty to prevent them from suffering the disaster. I swear to the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi, if If I violate my oath, Dao Tianxi will suppress and kill me.”
Suddenly, everyone was freed from the vision at the end of the road, and each seemed to have been forgiven.
Seeing that he admitted his fault, Su Hongyu softened her tone and said softly: “Since you know you are wrong, why don’t you change it? Now that the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty is being robbed, you are still the Hunyuan Emperor whose light shines on the sea of ??chaos.”
Di Chen interrupted her and said proudly: “I just broke my oath, but I was not wrong. The Immortal Emperors of the past generations were just stupid and incompetent people. How could they be so virtuous and capable that I should end up with the same fate as them? Even if it is The Hunyuan Dao Tianxi is no match for me. I can’t solve the disaster of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty, but I can still solve the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi.”
Su Hongyu felt cold in her heart.
The others didn’t know that the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi had been destroyed, so they were shocked and angry. They shouted at Di Chen angrily, scolding him for his treason and arrogance.
Su Hongyu’s face was pale. Although Xu Ying told them that Dao Tianxi had been destroyed, and they verified this, Di Chen personally said that Dao Tianxi had been destroyed, which broke all the illusions in her heart.
“Sacrifice the emperor’s coffin, force him into the palace, and fight him to the death. I don’t know if it will work.”
Su Hongyu thought of the terrible situation on the way to the end of Emperor Chen’s road just now, and immediately rejected her idea. Even if the fish died and the net was broken, it was just them who died and their net was broken, and there was nothing that could be done to Di Chen.
“How did Di Chen’s cultivation strength improve so much?” She felt desperate.
In the past, Emperor Chen was certainly invincible and a peerless master, but there were many masters in the world who were also at the end of the road, who could check and balance him.
But now, even if those Dao Jin who live in seclusion join forces, they won’t be able to do anything to Di Chen.
“The reason why Di Chen’s strength has improved so quickly is probably because of the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi.” She thought to herself.
Di Chen stepped forward and walked towards Su Hongyu. Xu Ying followed suit and followed him. The two of them walked one behind the other, and within a moment they came to Su Hongyu and stopped.