the seals on his hands and fingers changed accordingly, and he said: “Xu Xiaoyou, I will teach you a set of heart-centering seals. If you encounter this kind of situation again, you can cure it yourself!”

Xu Ying followed him to learn the Heart-Returning Seal, and suddenly his ears and eyes felt sharper, and the confusion of consciousness in his mind dissipated a lot.
Xu Ying thanked him quickly, and Pei Du said seriously: “I have practiced cultivation for half my life, and I was almost trapped by greed a few days ago. My Taoism was ruined in one day. I should have thanked you. The Heart-Returning Seal is just a small skill, not worth mentioning. Xu Xiao ”
/He frowned slightly, feeling that it was inappropriate to call Xu Ying his little friend, so he changed his words and said, “Brother Xu, you read it first, and we will discuss it in detail later.”
Xu Ying continued to read and read the folded parts of the books. He was stunned and suddenly laughed and said: “Prime Minister Pei, you don’t think these immortal boys in the book are me, do you? Hahaha!”
He laughed.
Pei Du also laughed and shook his head: “I don’t think so, after all, it’s too absurd, but I think it is. After all, Brother Xu is so young that he can guide the white-browed ancestor to overcome the tribulation. This is too absurd. .”
Xu Ying burst into laughter and burst into tears. He raised his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes and said with a smile, “I don’t know if my memories before I was six years old are true. I only know that my memories after six years old are true. So. I don’t know if I am the boy in these books!”
He laughed again.
Pei Du said: “Brother Xu, Gui Xin Seal.”
Xu Ying activated the Guixin Seal to stabilize his mind and calm down, and said, “Thank you, Prime Minister Pei.”
Pei Du shook his head and said: “You can treat each other with sincerity. Not only are you willing to teach the deciphered Yuan Shen Du Er Sutra in its entirety, but you can also make up for the shortcomings. If we can’t treat each other with this sincerity, our Pei family will be worthy of being a two-thousand-year-old family. You Don’t worry, our Pei family will keep this secret, and I will also help you search for more book records to help you find the mystery of your life experience.”
Xu Ying bowed and thanked him, and Pei Du returned the favor and said, “I don’t dare. If I can avoid the calamity of life and death in the future, it will all depend on brother Xu’s righteous deeds today. I want to study the Sutra of Yuan Shen to Combat Disasters, so I can’t send him off in person. I let him Bihe gives it to you.”
/Xu Ying followed the maid Bihe out of the study and walked outside Pei’s house.
The terrain of Pei Mansion is quite large, as if it contains thousands of mountains and ravines, and the layout is complicated. Xu Ying was relaxed, admiring the scenery along the way, and suddenly saw a fairy-like place, and thought to himself: “If I could taste rouge with a sister like this, It’s quite pleasant. It’s a pity that this is th