nge force that caused the Hongmeng Taoism in her body to rise and fall slightly, just like the rising and falling of the tide.

“Why does this situation look like the coming of a great tidal wave?”
Her cultivation also fluctuated up and down, but fortunately, she did not fall directly to the bottom like the tide of the avenue.
“This should be Taoist Hongmeng sensing my location!”
She suddenly realized that Master Hongmeng was the master of Hongmeng Avenue. Although she was enlightened by Hongmeng, she was also controlled by Master Hongmeng.
“This situation is so similar to the Great Tide. Could it be that the Great Tide is the Chaos Sea sensing the heavens?” She unconsciously had a daydream.
Xu Ying frowned slightly in the amber substance and said to the Ancestor God: “This woman is like a rabbit that doesn’t sit in its nest. It runs around without a fixed place. It’s very difficult to chase her.”
/Gong Jiexuan’s whereabouts were uncertain, which led him to follow Gong Jiexuan in many different directions. However, he could generally know the direction of the other shore, but he had already deviated from the established direction.
/Ancestor God said: “If we can return to the other side, we will burn high incense and thank this girl.”
The two of them continued to move forward, but saw that there were other things besides them in the void. They met several monks solidified in amber, and saw several coffins, cross-bound with chains, and attached to them. Yellow runes.
They also encountered hollow areas that looked like ancient post roads.
The two were amazed: “Could it be that there was once a civilization in the Sea of ??Chaos that was even more glorious than the other side, using void passages to shuttle between universes?”
The scope of the amber substance is too large, and the void that is compressed and solidified by the Sea of ??Chaos hides many unknown secrets that no one has discovered yet.
If Yu Xuantong hadn’t died suddenly, Xu Ying and the Ancestral God would have only moved forward in the established passage, and they wouldn’t have discovered that there were so many interesting things hidden in the amber material.
After an unknown amount of time, they suddenly passed through the amber substance, as if popping out of aspic, and quickly fell into the void at the bottom!
Xu Ying immediately stabilized his body and looked out into the void. He saw that this was indeed the other shore, but it was just Dao Jitian, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
“Ancestral God, Dao Master Luo’s Jiuqiu Mountain is not far away. Let’s go to Jiuqiu Mountain and fight back to ancient times from there to find Dao Master Luo and kill him!”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed and he said with a smile, “Erasing Dao Master Luo, who knows what changes will happen to the history on the other side?”
The Ancestral God thought and said: “The implications are huge. I’m afraid that cause and effect will be reshaped, reincarnation will be different, and the fate of the disaster will also change greatly! There are countless events that will be i