d waves are like arrows.

The golden flames ignited, and the fists and palms rose in the wind, and they reached in front of Lu Bei. The huge golden shadows magnified infinitely, and they all had boundless power to cover the sky.
/“It’s all nonsense, little Doyle.”
Lu Bei snorted coldly. When it came to being a great demon, he would most recommend his appearance as a great demon after becoming a demon.
With a higher level of vision, when I look at the practice of this method by caution, I feel that there are flaws everywhere.
The fist edge was surrounded by white light, and the powerful sword intent penetrated hundreds of miles in an instant, shattering the fist palm filled with Buddha light in the sky. As the sound waves scattered, the immortal sword energy tore apart Jie Se’s monk’s robe, revealing the six-character pale golden motto behind it.
The strong wind retreated far away, and more and more figures gathered. Lu Bei looked around, looking at each other with fiery gazes, and a ferocious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
This kind of scene is how the top player deserves to be treated.
“Look at whatever you want, go up if you want. Fighting against a hundred enemies will show the value of the top spot. You can’t wait for the quality of Lu’s championship medal, so hurry up and be more conscious.”
As soon as the words fell, dozens of figures swarmed up. The mighty air flow tore through the space, and dark cracks spread, dragging everyone into the void.
Heaven and earth merged, and the world was completely wiped out by the collapse of space.
The strong wind is rolling, the thunder is roaring, and the black cracks are exploded by tiny ripples. The sound of the aftermath of the breaking wind is so loud that it can be clearly heard hundreds of miles away.
After a cup of tea, the black curtain opened, and figures fell from the sky.
Not far away, the examiners who followed were temporarily transferred to battlefield doctors. They picked up the unconscious students one by one, opened the entrance and exit of the secret realm with tokens, and sent the defeated ones out of the battle circle.
Lu Bei stood in mid-air. Seeing that the examiner was busy, he temporarily stopped his offensive and looked at Jiese with his hands clasped together: “Bald Donkey, you are so unsocial. Others beat you up for watching a show. You are noble and awesome. You won’t have any friends this way.”
He was silent and silent, just chanting sutras orally to suppress his big move.
“Sect Master Lu, don’t panic, I’m here to help you!”
There was a loud shout, Zhu Miao’s eyes flashed as he charged forward, he slapped away the mist and air waves with one palm, making the broken monk’s robes rustle, and then he punched down horizontally, crossing many spaces in an instant, and his fist seals were condensed. The tyrannical force of I blasted away from the front.
Lu Bei:
The pig teammates grabbed the monster.
Clouds and mist rippled in the void, air currents and sound waves rose or fell, mercury poured out three feet away from Ji