tends to use the method of first proving the Three Thousand Avenues, and then deducing the Great Way of Taiyi, in order to reversely prove Taiyi.”

Yuan Weiyang guessed, “After he reversely proves Taiyi, he can open the Nine Paths of Evidence. Because with the background of the Taoist Master of Three Thousand Dao, his Nine Paths of Evidence must be faster than anyone else!”
Xu Ying praised: “His talent is really terrifying. No wonder Dao Zun doesn’t want to let him go and wants to keep him by his side. Let him go and he will shine when he gets the chance!”
Suddenly, he frowned slightly and felt an inexplicable palpitation in his heart.
Xu Ying suddenly woke up and said: “Weiyang, I use the cause and effect of tribulation to form an all-knowing eye, observe myself, you can see if my tribulation has changed!”
He activated the two avenues of cause and effect and calamity, and the two avenues entangled to form a golden wheel. The boundless light in the golden wheel formed an all-knowing eye, watching Xu Ying.
Yuan Weiyang looked at Xu Ying with his all-knowing eyes, his heart moved slightly, and said: “Your destiny has changed, and you are evolving into a murderous calamity. There is a bloody light emerging, extremely red, as if there is a sea of ??blood inside! From the perspective of cause and effect, the calamity is Luck starts from Hongmeng.”
Xu Ying was stunned and suddenly said: “I was deceived by the misfortune on the other side. This time, the misfortune seems to be a little different. In the past misfortune, I can guarantee that I will not be deceived!”
He let out a breath of filthy breath, immediately packed up, and said to Yuan Weiyang: “I became the Hongmeng Dao Master on the other side, and was caught up by the tribulation and could not escape. Today, I am the only one on the other side to go to the other side to kill the tribulation, not only for me, but also for the Three Realms. Seek life!”
Although Taoist Master Lin has withdrawn from the center of power, many Taoist masters still come to Hushan Pavilion to visit him.
Taoist Master Lin had previously declined all visitors, but several Taoist Masters were noisy outside, saying that he was ruthless. Some of them had died in his hands back then, so as to make excuses, Master Lin had no choice but to invite them in.
As a result, more and more people came to visit Dao Master Lin. Among them was Dao Master Shi Lan, who persuaded: “Now Taiyi has gone against the grain and issued a new edict of the Holy Clan to make the untouchables in the universe become the masters of the other side! If things go on like this, our Holy Clan will I’m afraid I’ll be eaten up by the new saints! Brother Lin Dao wants to make the decision for me on the other side!”
/Lin Chuanting was shocked: “Fellow Taoist Shi Lan, how can you say such words? Now that I am a guilty person, how can I be the master of the other side? Don’t trap me in injustice!”
/He drove Taoist Master Shi Lan and others out of Hushan Pavilion.
But after a few days, someone came to persuade me, saying: “