l held back a little. Said hopefully.

“How many people are there in the Barry family? Apart from the Knight Gaines who is hiding on Main, you are the only one, right? Someone over at Barry Castle has already visited it, and the entire castle building is still of some value. Everything inside has been evacuated, and the rest of the industry is without the power of the Barry family. Can you still control it?” The Blade Master’s voice was filled with anger.
The news first came from the Carney family where Angelo Sky Knight belonged, and then someone sent the Sky Knight to Barry Castle to check the situation.
The scene is almost unbelievable. Bari Castle has been passed down for thousands of years. Now even the family oil paintings have been taken away. Even the tiles with alchemical patterns on the floor of the training room have disappeared. The entire Bari Castle has just disappeared. It looks like it has just been built and has not yet been renovated.
After this news came back, the well-informed Dark Blade Killer Organization naturally also knew about it, which made the Blade Master extremely annoyed.
For Maynard’s Sky Knight’s top mission, the Blade Master dispatched the two strongest Sky Knight killers in the Dark Blade killer organization.
This is also the only Sky Knight killer in the Dark Blade Killer Organization. Sky Knights from normal noble families just want to be killers, and it is difficult for the Blade Master to control them.
/These two sky knight killers were children with strong bloodline talents that the blade master tried his best to steal, and then spent a lot of energy to cultivate them.
On weekdays, the Blade Master rarely sends out two Sky Knight killers to reduce the chance of the Sky Knight killers revealing their faces. You must know that under the influence of the power of blood, one can often tell one’s family origin just by looking at their facial features.
But Maynard Sky Knight deceived him and actually used wealth that was beyond the control of Maynard Sky Knight to issue a top-level mission, allowing him to send out two Sky Knight killers.
Once this incident spreads, the Dark Blade Killer Organization may become a laughing stock in the industry.
/Therefore, the Dark Blade must punish Maynard Sky Knight. To deal with Sky Knights like Maynard Sky Knight, the Blade Master naturally needs to take action himself.
David, who was staying underground, was also confused by the situation above. He stopped trying to assassinate and quietly watched the development of the situation.
Anyway, no matter how it develops, it will be beneficial to him. It is best for the two parties to fight, then he can reap the benefits.
“Blade Master, I will definitely pay you!” Maynard Sky Knight quietly took two steps back and said.
“Just use yourself to pay the reward!” the Blade Master said coldly.
With a wave of his hand, the Sky Knight Killer on the right rushed out of the six-pointed star formation. The moment he rushed out, he had already put on a set of third-level knight armor and had a fourth-