gic weapon of enlightenment, but before her withered palm touched that little spiritual light, the scorching temperature burned the old mother’s palm at this moment. Into burnt black color.

In an instant, the skin and flesh were chapped and blood seeped out.
When she had just endured the boundless blood flames and suppressed them all in that bloody arm, Danxia’s mother had never been moved at all. But at this moment, when the scorching temperature burned her palms At that moment, old mother Danxia suddenly showed a painful expression.
It was at this time that Danxia’s old mother gritted her teeth and became cruel, and was about to tightly grasp the bright light in her palms.
Suddenly, her movements suddenly stopped.
Immediately afterwards, Mother Danxia suddenly let go of the scorching bright light in her hand. When she looked again, the fireworks expanded again, revealing the appearance of the treasure inside.
It’s just that Xu Na’s secret method is weird, and it only takes a moment, but the treasure has been damaged, and a few very small mottled cracks can be vaguely seen on the jade pot.
But at this moment, Mother Danxia seemed as if she had never seen any damage to the magic weapon.
Her old face suddenly burst into a happy smile at this moment.
/“Senior Brother”
I don’t know when, the hoarse laughter of Master Qinghai suddenly stopped. When he looked again, a middle-aged Taoist wearing a dragon and tiger Taoist robe and holding a green bamboo cane was already standing not far away. Follow the long river of five-color fireworks drawn by Danxia’s mother.
Nanming Lihuo, who clearly had the power to burn all things, became increasingly docile under the control of the middle-aged Taoist.
It was just different from the sudden joyful change of old mother Danxia. At this moment, the middle-aged Taoist only looked coldly at the old Taoist Qinghai whose face was stained with blood.
“It’s strange, after all these years, you haven’t taught anyone to kill him?”
When the words fell, the old Taoist Qinghai in the place could only feel a sense of shock and fear. Maybe he had just panted too much. The old Taoist’s mouth was open for a long time, and in the midst of a hoarse breath, he said a sentence No words came out.
And in the middle-aged Taoist’s cold and gloomy expression, there was more and more murderous intent brewing.
“You call this naughty thing Tianshu? Are you cutting down mountains and destroying temples? Cutting off the orthodoxy?”
“Lao Yanwu, let me teach you what the number of days is!”
“Others won’t accept you, heaven and earth won’t accept you, then the poor Taoist will accept you!”
When the words fell, without waiting for any further reaction from Old Taoist Qinghai, standing on the river of fireworks, the middle-aged Taoist had already violently thrown out the green bamboo stick in his hand.
A section of the bamboo stick crossed the long river of five-color fireworks. As time passed, as the middle-aged Taoist raised the bamboo stick and pointed towards the old Taoist Qinghai, the Nanming Lih