to avoid being tortured.

Suddenly, Jun Wudao’s expression changed drastically, Daoshu paused, and the heads on the branches also widened their eyes, showing a look of horror.
The women under the tree were also horrified, as if they had seen a ghost.
Ancestor Boshan sacrificed his wonderful magic weapon and shouted: “You are Wudao, even if I die, you will not let me fall into your hands and become your plaything!”
He was about to commit suicide when he saw a slender figure walking through his dojo, as if he was in a deserted place.
His dojo, his Tao tree and Tao fruit, and the avenues all over the dojo, seemed to not exist, and he could not get close to that person.
That person seems to be mixed with Tao and integrated with his Taoist temple. He is a part of the Taoist temple, Hunyuan, and Taiyi.
Ancestor Boshan was stunned, as if he had seen a ghost. He couldn’t help but tremble, and his legs seemed unsteady.
/Facing a vicious existence like Jun Wudao, he was afraid, but facing this person, he felt respect, guilt, and fear.
Emperor Qingxuan.
It was like a resurrected ghost appeared in front of them.
“No, you’re dead, you’re dead!”
Jun Wudao seemed to be frightened and went crazy, shouting, “Qingxuan, you have been killed by us, I killed you with my own hands! There is no way you can survive!”
The heads on his Tao tree shouted: “We saw your death with our own eyes!”
“We will destroy your soul and cut off your life!”
“We cut off all your Dao scenery and threw it into the realm of Taixu!”
“Your soul is gone and there is no way you are alive!”
The people under the tree were also crazy, shouting: “Qingxuan’s ghost is coming to ask for our lives!” “He will kill us and eat us!” “I must be delicious!” “Bitch, I am It’s more delicious!” “Bitch, I’m going to kill you!”
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan came between Patriarch Boshan and Jun Wudao. Looking at the once familiar yet unfamiliar faces, he wondered why they became what they are today.
/“Jun Wudao, Boshan, I’m back.” He said.
“You are definitely not Emperor Qingxuan!”
Jun Wudao flew up, activated the Nine Dao Fruits, sacrificed a human head to the Dao Tree and a mouthful of human pigs, rushed towards him, and said with a ferocious smile, “Even if you are Emperor Qingxuan, I will kill you again!”
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan stood there, his aura floating, and his magical power suddenly exploded!
Unlike Emperor Qingxuan, he only has the memory of Emperor Qingxuan before he committed suicide, but not the memory of Emperor Qingxuan after he reached the Supreme Realm. However, he has been fighting for 600,000 years in the depths of Taiyi Cave Abyss, on the land on the other side!
What he has to face is an ancient god who has passed through the frozen time from the distant other shore and entered the Taiyi Cave Abyss!
Therefore, the waste Qingxuan and the emperor Qingxuan embarked on a completely different path.
For six hundred thousand years, he fought with the ancient gods on the other side, killing them and eating them. His Taoism was full of domine