g. They were all fascinated by it and tried to figure out Xu Ying’s teachings. No one noticed anything strange about him.

Besides, they had already sacrificed their ancient gods to help Hong Bo suppress his injuries. Xu Ying’s cultivation was not as strong as theirs, so nothing would go wrong.
Seeing this, Lu Yiren sighed: “There is no hope.”
The light of the ax activated by Princess Mingman attracted everyone’s attention, and the ax struck the ancient tree. The tree was so hard that Princess Mingman failed to cut it down with an axe.
This girl had a stubborn temper like a wild dragon, and then she picked up the ax again and continued to chop down.
Another sound of logging came.
Princess Mingman still failed to chop down the tree, so she raised her ax and struck it down one after another, only to hear the rhythmic sound of felling wood.
Then someone noticed that every time the sound of logging was heard, Young Master Hongbo’s body trembled involuntarily, as if he was in extreme pain.
Every time Princess Mingman struck a blow, Young Master Hongbo’s body trembled, as if Mingman’s ax was not striking on a big tree, but on his body.
Finally, Princess Mingman swung the last axe, but when the ax light flew out, the towering tree made a loud cracking sound and fell to one side.
At the same time, Hong Bo shouted and jumped up, attracting everyone’s attention.
Hong Bo roared angrily and seemed to be in great pain. There seemed to be an extremely bright light shining through his body, making his internal organs and bones clearly visible. You could even see the layout of various realms in his body!
An ax light rotated outward from his body, extremely slow, but its power was more terrifying than Xu Ying’s move just now!
The rotating ax light cut open his flesh, bones, and skull bit by bit, but this was just an appearance. People with higher cultivation levels, such as Yuan Heng and other dragon clan elders, noticed that each state in Young Master Hong Bo’s body was also at this moment. The ax came to the body and cut it open bit by bit!
And his soul, his soul, his avenue, and his realm were all cut open by the light of the ax at this moment!
The reason why this ax light is so slow is precisely because it wants to completely open up Hong Bo, the great master on the other side, as a sea of ??chaos!
“Work together to suppress this magical power!”
/Prime Minister Yuan Heng and others activated their Dao realms, and they all enveloped Young Master Hong Bo. Everyone stretched out their hands and pressed on all parts of Young Master Hong Bo’s body to help him suppress the ax light.
But the next moment they realized that the power in Young Master Hongbo’s body was continuously turning into the power of earth-shaking supernatural powers.
In other words, Young Master Hongbo himself is using his earth-opening magical power to try to carve himself out!
Even the power of Yuan Heng and others is being absorbed by this earth-opening magical power, increasing the power of this move!
Yuan Heng, Yuan B