ntains, corpses falling like rain, a strange Tao power was gradually forming, with the Five Mountains as the core, Forming the shape of a cave!

This is the sign of Xu Ying condensing the hidden scene!
Seeing this scene, the Holy Lord said slowly: “He is already the ancestor of the new way. Mingzun is still incompetent and failed to completely eradicate the ancestor of the new way. The consequences are endless.”
/Although Xu Ying told him about the Battle of Tianyuan, he did not mention his creation of a new path. However, the Holy Lord is knowledgeable and saw that he had cultivated a new realm that he had never seen before so quickly, so he knew that Xu Ying’s new way had been completed, and he must be the ancestor of the new way.
The Ancestral God’s eyes fell on him, and he saw that the Holy Lord’s face was as usual, showing no joy or anger, and said: “Facing the new way, is the Holy Lord filled with murderous intent or ecstatic?”
The Holy Lord said: “I have been studying the new way in this life, so I naturally hope that the new way will succeed. However, I also know that the ancestor of the new way will definitely not be under my control, and may even threaten my rule in the future, so I hope that he will die in the hands of others.”
“You are so evil.” Ancestral God couldn’t help but say.
The Holy Lord said: “If anyone does not care for himself, he will be punished by heaven and earth. I only think about myself.”
Ancestor God said: “Since you sit on the highest position in the immortal world, you should not only think about yourself. You represent heaven, the immortal world, and all living beings.”
The Holy Lord smiled and said: “Goddess Ancestor, don’t use your moral theories to restrain me. If I am restrained by benevolence, righteousness and morality, it will be difficult for me to reach the ultimate state of the Tao. My Taoist heart is strong and will never change, and you cannot shake it.”
The ancestor god no longer persuades.
The two people’s eyes fell behind Xu Ying, and they saw that Xu Ying’s martial arts cave was completed, and it was magnificent. Hundreds of martial arts Xu Ying’s shadows were fighting each other in the cave, deducing martial arts!
And from that cave, martial arts true energy surged out, impacting the golden elixir realm, nourishing the cut off sea of ??water and fire, and condensing the elixir cauldron!
“What a fast speed!” Ancestor God couldn’t help shouting.
The Holy Lord said: “This is because all his realms are still there, but the realms are empty, and the fruits of his practice have been harvested. Now we only need to re-pouring these realms!”
Zu Shen said: “It’s just that this time, he didn’t use his vitality to build these realms, but his martial arts true energy. His martial arts true energy is definitely not the normal martial arts true energy. I have never seen any vitality that can resist Tao Weeping.” , no vitality of heaven and earth can do it, only his martial arts true energy can.”
After what he said, the Holy Lord also discovered something strange. He i