r of the two of them, stretching thousands of miles across, floating on the Milky Way, as if traveling on the vast sea of ????the sky. Looking around, there were huge waves everywhere!

Only then did she realize that it was not that the sky was as big as the boat, but that she had been oppressed and made herself smaller!
Suddenly a surge of anger rushed into her heart, she raised her head and shouted: “You two, don’t smash my boat! The boat fee you paid is not enough for me to repair the boat!”
/She secretly regretted saying this. Why does the life of the ship matter?
Suddenly, the emperor and Tianzun rose into the sky one behind the other. Joy was relieved, and his body returned to normal size. He hurriedly urged Xiancha to rush downstream. There was a huge wave in front of him, and Xiancha turned into a stream of light and passed through the waves.
There was an explosive sound of thunder in the air, and the aura around Tianzun turned into thunder, slashing at the emperor with great majesty.
The emperor was in mid-air, and the majestic Yuanshen behind him slowly stood up. The huge Taoist wheel behind his head was buzzing and spinning. There were twelve more Taoism wheels above the Taoist wheel, which were also whistling and rotating!
Among the twelve Dao Wheels, twelve emperors sit at attention, in the center of the Dao Wheel, each activating the Immortal Extinction Formation!
The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Extinction Immortal Formation was refined by each of them, and the power of the formation continued to explode, completely blocking Tianzun’s attack. His Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Demon Breaking Technique has already made an astonishing breakthrough and has become a supreme level technique!
“Zhou Wu, your abilities are really amazing, but it’s a pity that you still have to be a dog!”
Tianzun’s voice came from above, like thunder exploding. The fairy tree under Xiao Xixian’s feet suddenly flew higher and higher. She couldn’t help but panic. What flew up was not the fairy tree, but the Tianhe River!
The Tianhe River was stirred up by the aftermath of the power of the two supreme heavenly kings, and floated like a streamer into the starry sky. The Xiancha on the Tianhe was like one of thousands of stars. The red dress of Xiao Xixian was floating on the Xiancha. The monotonous starry sky adds a subtle touch of color.
A whistling sound came to Xiao Xixian’s ears, and the Tianhe River was captured by Tianzun’s majestic magic power. It was compatible with its avenue and turned into a streamer of the avenue floating behind this strange and majestic man.
With the movement of Tianzun’s Taoism, the water of the Tianhe River is also roaring and rushing, becoming more and more surging, and the water flow is getting faster and faster!
/Xiao Xixian gritted her teeth and tried her best to control Xiancha to prevent it from being blown away.
When an earth-shaking loud noise came, the Tianhe River suddenly broke into several sections. In a hurry, Xiao Xixian saw that the emperor had refined the Nine Heavens