urrounding them, and forcibly cut out a passage.

Lu Bei raised the knife and lowered it, but he didn’t know how many times he had swung it. His hands were sore and his shoulders were numb, but he didn’t see the momentum of the swarm of corpses diminishing.
“Brother Ding, let me help you.”
Seeing that Lu Bei was slightly weak, Commander Wang fired out a magic talisman and received a buff that brought him back to blue. He himself was not idle, he took out a bottle of elixir and drank it.
Gradually, the number of soldiers in the corpse group was insufficient, and it was difficult to support the follow-up. The two men became energetic when they saw this, and fought their way out.
Commander Wang sprinkled icy rain behind him, used luminous beads to illuminate the way ahead, saw the towering stone gate clearly, and rushed forward with a joyful expression on his face. Lu Bei was unwilling to lag behind, but he did not dare to get ahead. He always kept in mind his status as an assistant, fell one position behind, and rushed into the stone gate with Commander Wang.
The familiar stone path appeared again. Commander Wang no longer hid his clumsiness, his eyes swept across the complex passage, and he clasped his hands together and slammed the ground.
In an instant, two rays of blue light burst out from his palm, and traps were activated one by one, either poisonous smoke or arrow rain, and pits and holes appeared again, making Lu Bei frown at the sight.
It’s strange, this person has such a method, how could he fall into the pit before.
After clearing the traps that blocked the road, Commander Wang blocked another ice rain talisman behind him. With his body as light as nothing, he bypassed the traps and holes and ran towards the end of the passage quickly.
Lu Bei relied solely on his basic attributes, and his speed was not as fast as that of Wang Commander’s magic, so he gradually pulled away a certain distance.
“Hehe, Brother Ding, the road ahead is full of dangers. You are my temperament. I will show you a clear path. If you take some care, you may be able to survive.” Commander Wang suddenly turned his head, spread his fingers, and manifested in the air. The giant blue claw grabbed Lu Bei.
What skill is this?
Lu Bei was surprised. He released the skill ‘Undertide’ that he had prepared for a long time, accumulating energy + critical strike. In an instant, the cold light of the sword surged. The white sword was unrivaled, and it pierced the palm of the giant claw.
Boom! !
The energy is raging, and the stone path is trembling and about to collapse.
/When Commander Wang saw that he failed to capture Lu Bei, he was slightly startled, and then said meaningfully: “So it turns out that Wang has thought too little. Brother Ding is a bit ugly, but his ability is not low.”
Lu Bei snorted coldly: “I really don’t want to scold you, you shameless, despicable, treacherous and treacherous villain.”
“I don’t dare to take it seriously. When it comes to treachery, Brother Ding is a master in this field. Wang, with his l