e next moment, a mysterious power burst out in his body, the bad meat rotted and fell off, and new meat grew rapidly!

But the snake demon Anchi is called a strange snake. How can the poison be so easily resolved?
Ding Quan’s neck rotted again and festered very quickly!
/Ding Quan’s forehead bloomed with light, his face was filled with green energy, and flesh and blood sprouted out of his neck, and the flesh and blood rotted, as if poison and vitality were engaged in a tug-of-war on his neck!
Xu Ying blasted through the thick green vines, rushed towards him like a wild elephant, and punched Ding Quan in the chest!
Ding Quan groaned and vomited blood. Xu Ying clasped his chest and ribs with his palms, and his fingers traveled all over his body like flying, loosening all the joints in his body!
This is exactly what snake catchers do!
Ding Quan fell to the ground and was unable to move. Countless vines surged up and submerged him!
Xu Ying punched out one punch after another, punching through the ivy, but he saw that the ivy and the underground had been penetrated by countless canes to create a passage, sending Ding Quan away!
Xu Ying followed the vibrations in the ground and flew up. He punched the ground continuously and punched the ground hard, making big pits in the mountains and forests!
The snake demon An Qi followed him in fear, only to see Xu Ying throwing hundreds of punches in a row like a maniac, and hundreds of big holes were made in the ground!
“Justice Assistant Ding Quan!”
An official’s voice came from a distance, “Are you using Nuo skills? Have you found the thief Xu Ying?”
Xu Ying’s face changed slightly, and he punched a few more times, and saw blood gurgling out of the pit.
“Xiao Ying, if you don’t leave, it will be too late!” The snake demon Anchi Qi urged in a low voice.
Xu Ying didn’t care about checking Ding Quan’s life and death, and immediately sneaked into the forest with him quietly and walked away into the distance.
The snake demon Anchi shouted: “Get on my back, I won’t leave any traces when I crawl!”
Xu Ying jumped on his back, and the snake demon Gan Qi quickly crossed the mountains and ridges to avoid the chasing officials.
/“That Nuo master should be dead, right?” The snake demon Gan Qi quickly walked through the mountains and forests, his tone a little uncertain.
Having said that, he didn’t have much confidence.
Ding Quan can recover quickly even if his neck is rotten. He has never seen this happen before!
He had long heard that Nuo masters were extremely terrifying. This was the first time he had a direct conflict with a Nuo master. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be even more terrifying than the rumors!
“Gan Qi, thank you.” Xu Ying said suddenly.
The snake demon Gan Qi was startled for a moment, then smiled and said: “You think I escaped? I am not the kind of unloyal monster. You avenged the villagers, and you did not hesitate to kill the gods and put yourself in danger. As monsters, we pay attention to one thing. Righteousness! You have been benevolent and righteous