u shook his head and said: “There is nothing to do today. Someone will come here, the wild god in the reincarnation of reincarnation. I will be there first, and the other three god kings will also come. You continue to be busy with your work.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another divine king suddenly descended and landed on the other end of the Samsara Cave. Then another heavy aura followed closely and landed on the left side of the divine king Xuanyu.
“Xuan Chen, Xuan Xing, you are finally here!”
Divine King Xuanyu asked in confusion, “Why hasn’t Xuanhao arrived yet? Logically speaking, he should have arrived before us.”
/As soon as He finished speaking, a bloody god suddenly fell from the sky. With a thud, he fell to the ground, almost falling into reincarnation.
God King Xuanyu hurriedly caught him, and it turned out to be God King Xuanhao. This God King was extremely miserable. His body and soul were almost torn in half, and countless bones were broken. The injuries were extremely serious.
Xuan Yu hurriedly helped him calm down the injury. Xuan Hao showed gratitude and said: “Cang Wu came back to life and hurt me.”
He did not mention Xu Ying. After all, it was too embarrassing for him to be severely injured by Xu Ying waving the five-color Immortal King flag.
God King Xuanyu frowned slightly and said in a deep voice: “Since we are all here, let’s prepare ourselves to see if the guy who resurrected the three giants of the underworld will come!”
“He will definitely come!” The gloomy voice of the Xuanxing God King came from the darkness.
/Haojing stands on the edge of the Xiang River. The Xiang River flows through the mountains and the scenery on both sides is beautiful. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see Jiuyi, Wuwang and other mountains in the distance.
Emperor Zhou was a little anxious these days, restless, and kept visiting Xu Ying and Chong Xiao. He saw Xu Ying and Chong Xiao sorting out the runes of heaven together. The views of heaven they discussed were too profound and mysterious for him to understand.
The big snake named An Qi was recording nearby, and the big clock was also listening, recording the runes of heaven, and seemed to be competing with each other.
On the wall of the big bell, in addition to the imprints of all things and all kinds of things, there are also the imprints of various heavenly runes, which are arranged around the sky and divided into layers, giving the impression that the heavenly law is all on the inner wall of the big bell.
Niujiqi is not to be outdone.
One time, Zhu Chanchan was refining treasures for Chu Xiangxiang, but she lacked a material, so she entered the snake demon’s body, and Emperor Zhou followed him in. I saw that the body of the big snake was golden and jade-green, like a passage that was several miles wide and unknown in length, and also like a sky, shining with golden light.
On the sky, the stars in the sky are branded, and the stars are shining. When you look closer, it is not the stars that are shining, but the runes and various