n crow on the hibiscus tree behind Xu Ying, so he didn’t dare to make a mistake.

“This old man in green is probably a great master. I’d better not cause any other trouble, lest I have to kowtow to survive.”
/Thinking of this, Qing Niu looked away, jumped up on the dark demon cloud, and flew to Dongting Mountain dozens of miles away.
On Dongting Mountain, Xiao Guike lay sprawled in a large pit, still steaming from his body.
Qing Niu looked around and saw that the young master from Shangjing Palace had dull eyes and was looking straight at the sky.
Qing Niu secretly thought that something was wrong, and thought to himself: “Although the girl named Shi Yuqing has practiced Nuo, she has practiced both Nuo and Qi. She mainly uses Qi and Nuo as a supplement. She can also open the childe. But this one is called Although Yuan Weiyang’s son also practices Nuo Qi, he mainly focuses on Nuo, and he even uses Nuo techniques instead of magical powers for refining Qi!”
He shook his head: “How could there be such a tyrannical person?”
He was just thinking about how to speak when suddenly Xiao Guike grabbed his wrist and said in a hoarse voice: “Uncle, I want to study the Nuo method!”
On the bank of Dongting Lake, Yuan Weiyang stepped onto the lake shore and said to the old man in green: “Uncle Xiao, after this battle, I feel that I can return to the capital of God.”
Uncle Xiao bowed slightly and said, “Old slave, I will go and invite the clansmen.”
Yuan Weiyang’s expression was indifferent and he drifted away. His voice came from far away: “I will take the first step and establish a firm footing in the city of God. This time my Yuan family makes a comeback, no one can shake it.”
The city of God is filled with gloom and gloom.
The younger generations of the major aristocratic families have been defeated beyond hope. Failure after failure seriously undermined their confidence in the Nuo method!
These failures were even greater than the shock brought by Zulong’s entry into the Divine Capital!
After all, Ancestral Dragon is a legend, a myth, and an emperor who has reigned supreme throughout the ages. It is natural that all the major families should be defeated by him. To defeat him with the help of a poor dynasty is an honor.
But this time is different. This time it is the young people who have practiced Qi Alchemy. They have defeated them openly and openly again and again. They have trampled them under their feet together with the Nuo method and Nuo technique. Tell them that the thing you practice is basically useless. Useless!
These things tell them that the gadgets you insist on are useless. Even if you practice Nuo Qi as well, you will not be able to defeat the orthodox Qi refining!
These things also tell them that you have only one way, and that is to convert to orthodoxy and return to the path of refining qi!
/This is Qi Refining’s counterattack against Nuo, and it is the restoration of Qi Refining Masters!
On this day when people in Shendu were panicking, Young Master Yuan Weiyang walked into Shendu quietly and