When I’m bullying people outside, I like to interrupt.”

“Male or female?”
“It’s over now, my father-in-law.”
Hu San had good arguments and successfully refuted Lu Bei. He twisted his mouth and said bitterly: “Not only is the old witch going to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, but she also wants to take me with her. How can she say that she has the demon king’s plan and is invincible?” Land, and asked me not to tell you, otherwise I will be turned into a female and betrothed to you that night.”
Lu Bei:
That’s right, it’s Hu Er’s style. This piece of information is very true, and Hu San didn’t add any exaggeration.
“Then what else did the old witch say?”
“She even told her what she didn’t expect and won by surprise. After her revenge is over, she will return to Wuzhou and enjoy her life as a fox.” Hu San expressed his bitterness.
“If you are caught by surprise, you will be killed. How can there be so much stability? Mother is so confused!”
“Who says it isn’t?”
The two brothers commented on Hu Er, one laughed at her lack of ideas, the other laughed at her lack of wisdom.
Lu Bei even revealed the truth. The road to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons was long and extremely bumpy. Coupled with the two girls’ beauty, the already dangerous road became even more dangerous. If you were not careful, you would be full of righteousness.
Even if the mother-in-law and her mother-in-law gather together, successfully complete the counterattack, and arrive at the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, and actually arrive at the headquarters of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, one Demon Emperor Picture is no match for two Demon Emperor Pictures.
In the early years, the two brothers were very good at each other, and they were equally good at bad mouth. When they first met, Lu Bei was even at a disadvantage.
There’s no comparison now.
Lu Bei rushed out of Wuzhou and went to the advanced map to further his studies. Hu San’s strength did not allow it and he couldn’t rush out even if he wanted to . He had a lot of talent but could not redeem it.
He was very self-aware. When he heard Lu Bei mention that he was full of righteousness, he immediately felt cold and his face became even more bitter: “Brother, you will help me, right?”
“I can’t help you. Brother, you have your own way. I can help you for a while, but I can’t help you forever.”
“You can just break this life apart and divide it into hundreds of ones.”
Hu San’s eyes widened, and he split the problem into something simple, and then solemnly said: “Help me is the second best thing, the key is the old witch, she is blinded by lard, she really thinks she is a nobody, please be careful, don’t let it happen She died outside.”
[You have received the mission [Escort]]
[Task description: Your brother asks you to protect your mother and ensure that the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom and his party will not be harmed by evil people. You are a compassionate person and will not let your brother down, right? ]
[Main mission: Ensure safety, reward 3 billion experience]
/[Side mis