he code and pay for her, her whole body will light up. The feeling is hard to refuse.

“Okay, how much?”
“Ten yuan per person! After paying, you can continue to take photos. There is no limit to the number of times, but be careful to queue up and don’t scare the little sheep and big sheep. They are my goddaughter and moth!”
/“Haha, it turns out they are your goddaughter and Moth, they are so cute!”
The girls scanned the code and paid willingly.
An Nuan also paid. After everyone had almost scanned the code, he greeted Shangguan Dandan, “Dandan!”
He waved his hand gently and skillfully.
“Nuan Nuan is so smart.” Shangguan Dandan raised his hand.
An Nuan was too tall, so he had to bend down slightly to touch her head.
Shangguan Dandan knew very well that An Nuan waited until everyone had scanned the QR code before greeting her. This was to make it easier for Shangguan Dandan to collect money, so that no one would come to An Nuan and say, “Oh, I turned out to be an acquaintance of yours. Don’t be like this.” Make it cheaper” and so on.
Shangguan Dandan continued to hold up the payment sign, and there was still a little bird that looked very healthy but also delicious that he had not paid for.
“Aren’t you going to pay?” Shangguan Dandan raised his head slightly, squinted his eyes, and pursed his lips into a line, “If you don’t pay, you will be eaten!”
Dong Wanghuang took out his mobile phone and paid silently. Naturally, he was not in the mood to take photos or take selfies. Instead, he stood up straight and stepped back slightly.
Losing the tenderness of his arms, the little sheep yelled to express his dissatisfaction. After looking left and right, he chose the warm embrace and hugged her father together.
Seeing that it was back and An Nuan’s self-esteem would no longer be hurt, Liu Changan naturally stepped away. He and the lamb squirmed together in An Nuan’s arms. What did it look like?
Shangguan Dandan also took out his mobile phone, opened his WeChat balance, and looked at it with satisfaction. Although Xiaotang was mainly cute, the moth must have played a role to some extent, and he was finally able to help the Queen Mother make money.
As for the weak creature in front of her, it seemed to have something to do with her, but Shangguan Dandan didn’t care. She was a kind and weak queen mother, and she would not really eat others just because they looked delicious.
/The Queen Mother is not only interested in robbing banks, but is only interested in making money, getting rid of poverty and achieving a well-off life, which is exactly what Mo Zi often said to have a positive, harmonious and correct attitude towards life.
“Nuan Nuan, what are you doing here?” Shangguan Dandan said, holding the big sheep’s ears. While An Nuan was here, it was inconvenient for it to disobey the Queen Mother, so it was natural to bully it.
As for whether he would pull the Queen Mother’s ears afterwards and make her flap her hands and struggle like a bird, that was a matter for the future, and the Queen Mother was not af