stretched out and reached a height of more than forty meters. It flew out and smashed into the surrounding stalactite area. Those who had passed through tens of thousands of years or even The stalactites that had taken hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate were suddenly smashed into pieces. Rocks and powder flew everywhere, as if they had been exploded, and smoke and dust were everywhere.

“Mom is so strong!”
Su Mei responded to Liu Changan’s concern with a smile, but a stalactite several meters long flew out from the smoke. The seemingly smooth surface reflected the light that diffused from the hole above her head, and it shot out like a halberd released by a god. , Su Mei raised her hand to block the stalactite, her body shook slightly, but the stalactite shattered unbearably and broke into pieces of stone.
“Who are you?”
/A dull voice sounded in the smoke. His breath was like a gust of wind, blowing away the dust in the air. The heavy footsteps approached, but became lighter and lighter. Then Liu Changan, Su Mei and Xiaoyang saw that. The body that was originally more than 40 meters tall gradually shrank and returned to a more normal height of more than two meters.
I saw that the man in front of me seemed to have been given a new life. His hair and body hair that were originally scattered all over his body were wrapped around his waist, forming a primitive body-covering material. The muscles on his body were knotted, and the lines were as hard as carved from stone. His thick arms and legs were even more It is unrivaled and full of explosive power.
Especially those eyes, glowing red in the darkness, eyebrows as sharp as swords, nose as straight as a mountain, and the whole face resolute and strong, like an ancient overlord who conquered the world.
“Is it true that there are still gods living and breathing now?” His tone was full of doubts, and his eyes glanced over the two people and the sheep in front of him.
The man holding the lamb in front of him locked onto Chiyu’s energy and was very calm, as if he thought he was sure that he could control Chiyu at any time.
Chiyu could feel that the man had a vitality similar to that of the lamb, but he had no way of judging the intensity of that vitality.
This little lamb has a bloodline that Chiyu has never seen before, and this man seems to be the father of the little lamb. Which divine race is it inherited from ancient times?
A number of gods with similar appearances to sheep appeared in Chiyu’s mind, and his thoughts changed rapidly. The situation in front of him seemed to be quite unfavorable to him.
“Who are you?” Su Mei asked coldly. The other party drew a little bit of the lamb’s blood. Although he could withstand it, his body was still overwhelmed and entered a state of suspended animation, resulting in the giant phenomenon of out-of-control activity, which is enough to show that he is He is not a threat to Su Mei.
/“Chiyu.” Chiyu looked at his reshaped body and leisurely revealed this name from ancient times.
“Chi Yu? Are you a descen