ers throughout the year is much greater than the time spent wearing the little cotton-padded jacket!

Especially for Liu Changan, he has many women who come to warm him and simmer him. Even if the little cotton-padded jacket is warm and comfortable, he can take it off and only wear it occasionally.
Slippers are different. Liu Changan wears slippers much longer than any other kind of shoes!
Even Zhu Juntang is like this. The more pampered and comfortable his life is, the more time he spends wearing slippers every day.
Today I must come up with a trick to defeat Yan Qingcheng’s little slippers!
Liu Changan stood there, watching Zhu Juntang rush into Baolong Center. The bread man had already followed. Thinking about it, he was still a little worried, so he called Zhong Qing and asked her to pay attention to Zhu Juntang’s movements. If anything was wrong, Just inform him.
If it’s just rolling on the ground, that’s fine.
His plan remained unchanged, he still wanted to see those strange beasts.
Just like an experienced hunter, even if he has no hunting plans in the short term, he will still pay attention to the movements of various prey in the mountains and forests and the various traces left behind.
Because it was not a very purposeful action, Liu Changan originally planned to take Zhu Juntang with him to increase her knowledge, but now he still does not plan to go alone.
Back under the sycamore tree, Zhou Dongdong had already gone to school, leaving Shangguan alone sitting there.
She moved a table and placed it under the tree.
There was a large oak barrel placed on the table. Li Hongfang had helped her pack the wine inside, and wine bottles were also placed on the table.
Shangguan Dandan herself slumped on the recliner with a thermos flask in her arms, singing a song that imitated the chirping of birds. She looked at her bottles and buckets with great satisfaction, as if she was sitting on a billionaire’s fortune.
As soon as he saw Liu Changan coming back, Shangguan Dandan sat up straighter with a little vigilance, but thinking that he probably had no interest in robbing her of anything and had nothing to frame her with, he relaxed and leaned back.
/The shoes that were only hanging on her toes fell off. Shangguan Dandan hooked her toes, glanced at her shoes again, and tilted her head to signal for him to pick them up and put them on for her.
“Have you eaten?” Liu Changan greeted casually. This is how ordinary people greet each other.
Through the details of ordinary people’s daily lives, Shangguan Dandan gradually realizes that she is just an ordinary person, breaking away from the ideological shackles of the feudal ruling class and integrating into the lives of the people from the depths of her soul.
Although Shangguan Dandan usually hangs out with the old men and women in the community and does some down-to-earth things, in fact, he is just a real ordinary person on the surface. Would he think about robbing a bank?
/Liu Changan knew very well that Zhu Juntang had been instigated by Shangguan Dandan when