is still affected by the immortal way, and the golden elixir is still silent.

However, another force that is not suppressed by the immortal way is awakening, and continues to grow with the growth of his will and spirit!
Xu Ying’s energy and blood impacted the sea of ??fire and ocean, rejuvenating the Samadhi True Fire and Samadhi Divine Water. The golden elixir slowly rose from this big furnace, shining brightly!
A martial arts golden elixir that has no magic power or spiritual consciousness!
“That day Zhai Wuxian used martial arts to transform Taoism. Can I do this?”
The promised golden elixir shined and flew out of his body. The golden elixir flew and swirled around his eyes and ears. Gradually, his eyes began to grow, and soon two eyes grew out, and binocular vision was restored!
His eardrums also regenerated again, and hearing returned to both ears!
The martial arts golden elixir circulates to the nose and mouth, and the nose and mouth are regenerated!
That Immortal Palace still suppressed his other cultivations, but he finally managed to transform Tao with martial arts and broke through this suppression and influence!
Xu Ying untied the ribbon around his waist, grabbed Shi Yuqing’s wrist, and strode out of the city.
He avoided the people blocking his way and the twisting and squirming unknown creatures, his steps were brisk and nimble.
/The immortal way was still invading his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, causing his stomach and intestines to grow like a python. However, under the illumination of the golden elixir of martial arts, the influence of the immortal way became more and more subtle.
Finally, Xu Ying rushed out of the town, and the influence of the Bronze Immortal Palace on him was minimized.
The martial arts golden elixir swirled around him, removing the influence of the physical body, and then flew into his Xiyi realm. Wherever the golden elixir’s light swept away, all decay quickly receded, and all realms and the six secrets of the human body returned to normal.
Xu Ying’s cultivation level returned, his vitality was full and surging, and his golden elixir became brighter and brighter.
Suddenly, there seemed to be a whisper in the city, as if someone was amazed that he could break through the influence of the immortal way. Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly. When he looked back, he could only see the top of the Bronze Immortal Palace in the distance.
“Before I destroyed myself, I vaguely saw a woman in the Immortal Palace. Could it be that she was sighing?”
Xu Ying was thoughtful and said silently in his heart, “Will she be a fairy who has been banished to the mortal world?”
He immediately put the matter behind him and thought to himself: “Even a fairy is extremely evil. He polluted Wangxiang Terrace and caused countless people to die.”
He sacrificed the golden elixir and helped Shi Yuqing eradicate the invasion of immortality bit by bit. Shi Yuqing was not very contaminated by the immortal way. After all, they were only trapped in the city for dozens of days, not too long. If he