. The business is not bad. This middle-aged man who looks honest and seems a bit dull is actually the same type as Gao Dewei. The brain is very active.

“We will compete later.” Gao Dewei said to Miao Yingying, “We are 2 versus 2, you and Bai Hui.”
“Gao Dewei, as a science student, you have studied biology, right?” Bai Hui looked at Gao Dewei in disbelief, “There are mixed sports events for men and women, but have you ever seen a male team playing a female team?”
It’s not that Gao Dewei has no common sense, he just thinks how can he be a teammate with a girl like Miao Yingying? It always feels like this is not a competition, but just a casual joke.
“I’m sorry for your teaching!” Bai Hui said angrily.
Gao Dewei had already gone to get the life jacket, and Miao Yingying quickly followed.
“Can you do it?” Bai Hui seemed to be looking for something to talk about. Since Gao Dewei asked Liu Changan to teach him, he must know that Liu Changan knew how to do it.
“Except for giving birth to children, I can basically do everything else about sports.” Liu Changan can even live to receive awards such as jumping off a building from a high altitude.
“What kind of sport is giving birth?” Bai Hui said “poof”.
/“Your understanding of sports is too narrow.” Liu Changan did not explain much, “Let me tell you first. What we usually call kayaking is actually kayaking and rowing. What we are playing today is kayaking. Only paddles with paddles at both ends paddle left and right alternately, and rowing boats are more like our traditional dragon boats. We don’t care about this. Double kayaks need to be coordinated. I sit in the front, and you sit in the back and follow my rhythm. Yes, it’s very simple.”
“I’ve rowed a boat in the park.” Bai Hui disagreed. Can’t this thing be done while sitting in a boat?
Liu Changan didn’t talk nonsense. Since Bai Hui didn’t have much time to learn, he certainly wouldn’t teach her attentively. He just told her to put on a life jacket because he was not very good at water. He almost died heroically when he saved Zhao Wuqiang last time.
Bai Hui still put on the life jacket seriously. His own life was still very important. Liu Changan couldn’t count on it. But when he put on the life jacket, Bai Hui couldn’t help but wonder. Since this guy looked like he was good at water sports, how could he go up to it? Why is it right for the first time? Swimming by yourself and rescuing others are definitely different. Bai Hui understands this and is right.
Liu Changan dragged the kayak into the floating tank, got up first, and then asked Bai Hui to come up. When the kayak shook, Bai Hui screamed and quickly grabbed Liu Changan’s back and sat down.
/The kayak slowly left the dock. Such a narrow and slender kayak still made Bai Hui a little nervous. It felt that it was a little different from boating in the park. She had to sit upright and not dare to slide the paddle randomly. She comforted herself by wearing a life jacket.
Looking from a distance, Miao Yingying said that she was not very good at it, but she w