here was a particularly beautifully dressed girl standing not far behind the young woman. She had her hands in her pockets and looked up lazily at the sky, not looking over here.

She also held a dog in her hand, an extremely fierce Rottweiler. She also had one on the construction site, but judging from her appearance and build, it was obviously incomparable to the other’s dog.
“Do you have his contact information?” the young woman continued to ask.
“Yes.” Fan Jian said, and then quickly went to look for it in the pile of notes.
After a while, Fan Jian found the note and gave the young woman the phone number.
“Thank you.” The young woman wrote down the phone number and turned to leave.
Fan Jian took out the betel nut from his pocket, stuffed one into his mouth, looked at the twisting waist of the woman’s back, chewed the betel nut and produced more saliva.
Fan Jian thought in his heart that he didn’t know what kind of man would be able to enjoy such a woman, but for Zhong Qing, of course, the less dealing with people like Fan Jian, the better, and he hoped that he would not have to come to Fan Jian again in the future.
/Regardless of the sense of superiority brought about by various conditions, men who have been consuming betel nut, tobacco and alcohol for a long time have a special smell that Zhong Qing dislikes very much.
“That boy’s name is Liu Changan, and this is his phone number.” Zhongqing sent Liu Changan’s phone number to the girl holding the Rottweiler.
Her name is Zhu Juntang.
Zhu Juntang looked up at the Baolong Center Building and looked at Liu Changan’s name and phone number.
“He seems to be a homeless man.” Zhong Qing said the information he just learned from Fan Jian and made a conclusion.
“He may be a high school student or a college student.” Zhu Juntang felt that Zhong Qing’s eyes were a little weird and explained that although in her eyes, whether he was a tramp or a student, what he did was enough to make people ignore him. of any identity.
“There is no difference.” Zhong Qing said calmly. No matter who the other party is, Zhu Juntang should not pay attention to an ordinary young man.
“How high is this building?” Zhu Juntang said to himself, half-squinting his eyes to make them look narrow and charming.
“452 meters.” Zhong Qing is familiar with the data of this tall building, which ranks among the top fifteen in the country.
“If you jumped from such a high building, would you still be alive?” Zhu Juntang’s beautiful nose wrinkled, and then relaxed again, with an incredible emotion on his face, and he patted his cheek.
“I don’t think so either.” Zhu Juntang nodded and glanced at the Rottweiler that was sticking out its tongue. “To be on the safe side, go buy a pig and throw it down from the roof.”
Zhu Juntang’s dog obviously didn’t realize that its owner had just imagined the scene in his mind when it fell.
“Third Miss, please stop doing weird things. I heard that you asked someone to find a body nearby last night, and then you went downstairs and wandered around for a