Liu Yuewang no longer have to teach Zhu Juntang tonight. Yan Qingcheng has no intention of relaxing. He just wants to improve the courseware and carefully design some short stories and paragraphs, in order to make Zhu Juntang improve a little bit. A hint of interest in learning attracted her attention.

It is precisely because of my admiration for Professor Liu that I have to work harder to teach Zhu Juntang. With my independent personality and hard-working attitude, I can make him realize that she is excellent, rather than relying on being cute. Pretend to be cute to win Professor Liu’s favor.
/Zhu Juntang sat in her mother’s car, kicked off her shoes, leaned back on the seat, stretched her legs to put them on the small table in front of her, but she couldn’t reach them and was too lazy to adjust the buttons, so she had to put her feet down and put them on the carpet. He kicked a few times to vent his dissatisfaction.
It is quite interesting to go to a conference that I am not interested in at all, rather than to exchange historical and cultural knowledge with Professor Liu. It is quite interesting to see Professor Liu dumbfounded when listening to Zhu Juntang’s eloquent remarks, and he is so impressed that he wants to kowtow to Zhu Juntang. .
“You need to have a sitting posture, but am I lying down now?” Zhu Juntang said this, but he still sat upright and clicked on the buttons with his fingers boredly. Dandan liked to play like this. Every time I see a button, I want to poke it to see what happens.
Zhu Juntang couldn’t help laughing when he thought about the scene where Shangguan Dandan, if he could become an astronaut, would push the rocket back and forth to launch other colleagues on the way to launch. Dandan was so funny.
Su Mei just looked at her daughter calmly and didn’t ask her what she was laughing at, because Zhu Juntang’s mind often jumped thousands of miles away in an instant.
“By the way, Mom, I have made a great contribution and I haven’t told you yet.” Zhu Juntang pointed out the window, “Basically: Look, this is the country I have built for you. This level!”
Su Mei was unmoved. Under normal circumstances, Zhu Juntang’s great achievements were no different from causing big disasters. But Zhu Juntang didn’t have the ability to cause disasters that even Su Mei could not avoid. So Su Mei’s My mind is still very peaceful, just listen to what she has to say.
“Before you came back, I told my biological father that when you come back we will go to the amusement park to play together, otherwise I won’t be obedient. He agreed.” Zhu Juntang tilted his head to the left and the right proudly. Let the twin ponytails swing back and forth. I often see Shangguan Dandan doing this action, and it is really cute when I do it myself.
Su Mei’s hand that picked up the newspaper paused for a moment, then raised it again, blocking it in front of her. Facing Zhu Juntang, she only showed her light bangs, her smiling eyes were hidden behind the newspaper, and her tone remained the same. Calmly: “Oh, that’s good. Actua