Li Hongfang’s attitude of admitting mistakes is what Liu Changan appreciates the most. She occasionally has nonsense reasons to explain, but that is just because there are real problems with her thinking and ideas, rather than using strong words or clever words to blame others.
Liu Changan looked at her. If a pretty boy had followed Qin Yanan today, he would have been beaten to death or disabled by Li Hongfang.
She was really ruthless, and she was indeed a person who pretended to be a member of the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect. At least she was an elite tomb robber, a real elite, not an elite like Zhu Juntang’s self-proclaimed “elite gang”.
“Now is a society governed by law, and there are cameras everywhere. You must keep in mind the core socialist values, and don’t be so impulsive when doing things in the future. At least make sure you are not in any trouble before killing.” Liu Changan educates carefully, and Li Hongfang is his direct disciple. Of course it needs to be cultivated, and educating Li Hongfang is much more comfortable than educating that sheep.
Educate Li Hongfang, and she will listen to whatever you say. Educate that sheep, if you say one thing, she will say ten things to you.
/“Yes, the door master.” Li Hongfang thought about it carefully. The door owner was indeed impeccable in his work. He rubbed so many people without any problems at all. Li Hongfang went back to many scenes and paid attention to various reports and tracking, but he did not find any exposure. What key clues could get him into trouble?
“In a situation like today, you must first remain calm. Then, although there are no cameras in the corridor, your personal information that can be tracked when you enter and exit the security entrance and parking lot is left behind.” Liu Changan continued to walk upstairs, signaling Li Hongfang followed.
More than 40 floors of stairs may sound scary, but in fact, it doesn’t take much to walk on them, so it’s just like a walk.
“I understand, it is normal to leave personal information, and these clues can help people get rid of suspicion. For example, the surveillance records that the door owner entered and left a certain room within one minute, and everyone later discovered that within this minute , ten girls were raped, and no one would believe it was you, but in fact it was you. Things that ordinary people can’t do are easy for you, the sect leader, but the evidence is inconsistent with common sense. , even if you are suspected, the criminal inference is not valid.” Li Hongfang understood what Liu Changan meant by drawing inferences.
Taking advantage of the dark safety stairs and no one taking the stairs without taking the elevator like them, Liu Changan ordered Li Hongfang to turn around and take off the armor on her buttocks. Her level of yin and yang was worthy of Liu Changan’s fancy and she could go and fight with her. The people who faced the line from the poor and remote villagers.
It’s just that this level is used on the master of the sect who has great respect for her