So when they choose this kind of car, they often have the illusion that their waist strength is so strong.
The car stopped under a tall sycamore tree. Li Hongfang said that she found that the owner of the door was often under the sycamore tree, so she also fell in love with the sycamore tree. She felt that staying under the sycamore tree gave her a bit of the owner’s demeanor, which made her feel Extremely majestic and stylish.
Sitting in the back compartment of the car, Liu Changan discovered that Li Hongfang had tied the clay pot tightly to the passenger seat with a seat belt and rope.
“Sect Master, I placed an order with a large factory in JDZ and ordered a batch of large porcelain jars with the name of our Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect engraved on them. They will be used specifically to hold the people you killed, Sect Master.” Li Hongfang She is an elite with a sense of ritual. No, she is an exquisite female tomb robber, especially when it comes to the sect owner. Of course, she must have a certain style.
The clay pots used for pickling vegetables that I bought in the market were still too rough and not worthy of the elegant style of the owner.
/“I said you have a brain problem. You haven’t been arrested in a cell for so many years. I can only say that you are lucky.” Liu Changan simply couldn’t understand her original intention of doing this. “If you want to betray Jiuzhou, Fenglei Jianmen, if you want the police comrades to come and cause trouble for me, just say so.”
Li Hongfang frowned. Oops, he was so busy trying to whitewash the elegance of the door owner that he forgot that if this thing was discovered, wouldn’t it mean that it would directly leave clues to the case? Jiuzhou Fenglei Jianmen is not a registered social organization, but it will definitely be troublesome if it is exposed that it is related to criminal cases.
“The sect master taught me a lesson.” Li Hongfang did not explain hurriedly that she did not want to betray the Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect. The sect master must have known from the sincerity she showed and the behavior of just licking his feet. She just wants to be a cute and loyal bitch beside the sect master.
Li Hongfang thought about it and realized that there was actually nothing wrong with his mind. The main reason was that in the past, he needed to be bold and careful in his profession, but now that he was following the invincible sect leader, all he had left was his boldness.
“But I’ve already placed a deposit.” The deposit is a legally binding guarantee. If you make a deposit, you can try to get it back. Fortunately, the money isn’t much. Li Hongfang thought for a moment, “I looked at the renderings sent by the manufacturer, and they’re pretty good.” It looks good, why not put it in a rice noodle shop to hold pickles, sauerkraut, black bean sauce, pickled radish, etc.?”
“Let me see.”
Li Hongfang took out her mobile phone, opened WeChat, and showed Liu Changan the renderings sent by the manufacturer. It was said to be a porcelain jar, but its shape was more like a huge