“Dan Dan is really amazing. She is such a small person and can boil water and bake eggs. She must have built the stove herself. I remember the last time I made a fire, it was when Yaya and I went to worship the Bodhisattva. A handful of incense was burned into a torch.” Zhu Juntang tried his best to praise Shangguan Dandan. There were many cute, beautiful and capable girls around him, why did he always focus on Building No. 2?

He looked more at such beautiful girls as Bai Hui, Dan Dan, and Zhu Juntang’s best sister Qin Yanan.
Objectively speaking, Zhu Juntang feels that Qin Yanan is the most suitable character to be the wife of the palace. It is not because Qin Yanan is also the woman Zhu Juntang likes. Even if Liu Changan wants to find many beautiful girls as wives, he must first raise the flag of the palace. Come on, in terms of figure, appearance, and temperament, Miss Xiao Nan is the best, and then there are Bai Fen, Dan Dan, and so on.
“Are you serious about praising her?” Liu Changan turned to look at Zhu Juntang with admiration on his face.
“I don’t dare. As the saying goes, a gentleman does not stand in water and fire. It means that smart people should stay away from boiling water.” Zhu Juntang touched his skin and imagined that his tender skin was being treated by boiling water or fire. I shuddered at the sight of the fire scalding me, “Then you have to boil a kettle. The water is scalding hot, and the kettle is also scalding hot. It’s very dangerous to think about it.”
“Oh.” Zhu Juntang nodded to show that he understood.
Liu Changan quickened his pace.
Zhu Juntang hurriedly chased after him, “Slow down, you just said bad words! You said something about his grandma!”
“none of your business.”
/“Speaking foul words again!”
Liu Changan suddenly stopped and Zhu Juntang bumped into Liu Changan’s back.
Zhu Juntang frowned and was thankful. If Bai Hui or Qin Yanan hit Liu Changan’s back like this, it would hurt them to death. Fortunately, he was fine.
“When I read to Zhou Dongdong in the future, I can’t let her fall asleep after hearing the text, otherwise she will be like you when she grows up.” Liu Changan thought about it and said, “Also, I want to propose to your mother that winter vacation must be I’ll hire you a teacher who teaches basic traditional culture.”
Zhu Juntang was stunned for a moment, opened his mouth, and finally did not utter a “baa baa” sound of protest. He raised his fist angrily and hit Liu Changan.
The uncle could bear it, but the fairy couldn’t. Zhu Juntang could no longer bear Liu Changan’s bullying.
/Rabbits can bite people when they are anxious, let alone sheep?
Zhu Juntang punched one after another, each punch was accompanied by the power of wind and thunder, which was the unique skill of the Nine Provinces Wind and Thunder Sword Sect.
Liu Changan was unable to stop her with lightning and thunderous punches. Zhu Juntang’s burst of anger made her enter the small universe mode, and she immediately beat Liu Changan until he vomited several bowls of blood.
The blood was dr