a middle-parted style, but she is also willing to try to change her style occasionally, not that she found those little girls who were walking around Liu Changan. The girls all have greasy bangs.

She had been trying to figure out what Liu Changan wanted to tell her, but he didn’t seem to be very interested in business. When he talked about the past of the Zhu family, it was probably related to Mr. Ye Chenyu.
“There is no problem with this, but do you know what they have in common? Among the acquaintances and old friends who were targeted by the Zhu family, there was a girl who had a good relationship with Ye Chenyu.” Liu Changan pointed to a man who was mainly engaged in shipping. and the tobacco business family, “Chen family, I had a good relationship with Chen Xisi, the owner of the Chen family at the time. His sister Chen Meisun and I had studied piano. You see, the Zhu family took advantage of the turmoil in Nanyang to force Chen Xisi to hand over the family industry. , the Chen family fell into a disastrous state, and the two siblings were so depressed that one worked as a clerk and the other worked as a piano teacher.”
“You mean, just because you have a good relationship with Chen Meisun, this is one of the reasons why the Zhu family is ruthless?” Qin Yanan said in disbelief.
/Liu Changan is not too forgetful about things that happened more than a hundred years ago, but there are usually many people and things that he does not need to remember and recall. The waves of the long river of time have been wiped out, and he does not have the interest to reach out and pick up a ladle from time to time. .
Qin Yanan’s appearance activated his most intimate memories of being Ye Chenyu, thinking about the most important people such as Ye Sijin, Qin Peng and Su Mei, and the list in front of him also made him start to recall more familiar people. They were once gorgeous or ordinary waves of that era, with vivid or vague voices and appearances left in his memory.
“Originally I thought it was just normal capital operation and primitive accumulation, but if it was mixed with such personal grudges, Mrs. Su, a gentle and kind person, really couldn’t tell.” Qin Yananzi recalled carefully, “Zhu Juntang learned this when he was a child. I also discussed various cases in the history of the Zhu family’s expansion with her, and thought that some businesses were done too reluctantly. Although the Zhu family always made a profit in the end, there should have been better choices and plans at the time, but the Zhu family’s actions were There is always a ruthlessness and ruthlessness, it seems that business is not the main thing, it is more important to erase other people’s family imprint and sense of existence.”
“Of course Old Mrs. Su won’t do this. It’s Su Mei who will.” Liu Changan remembered Su Xiaocui’s round face when she was a girl and shook her head.
/Qin Yanan looked at the faint smile in his eyes when he recalled the past, as if he saw a person flipping through the diary recording his life. Those beautiful emotions were