en the magical power that slows down the flow of time is gradually unable to keep up due to its inability to follow up. Lu Bei’s pace.

Lu Bei used his fists and kicks to attack Jing Tianshou’s body and soul again and again. He borrowed the power of the star sea to further increase his speed, until Jing Tianshou could no longer defend himself and could only be beaten passively.
/That big seal is a powerful magic weapon. It should have been born without thinking about heaven, and it has been recognized by heaven. The cause and effect are important, and it has entered the threshold of acquired spiritual treasures.
If it weren’t for the Star Lord God to be unreasonable and secretly transform the world, making Lu Bei bring his own destiny, and the big seal cooperates with the Tiandao Wheel, no one would be able to take advantage of Jing Tianshou.
boom! ! !
Lu Bei punched into Jing Tianshou’s chest and abdomen. His fingers touched the flesh and blood, and he found that although the latter was in human form, his internal organs had been separated from the concept of ordinary flesh.
By removing impurities and retaining essence, all useless things are eliminated except for the important organs corresponding to the internal and external five elements.
Yes and it is very likely that Jing Tianshou does not have the ability to have children. Even if she does, her physical body has evolved, transcending the constraints of the physical body and entering the pure path of yin and yang. She no longer needs to rely on low-level friction to generate heat. A fairy light can be spit out after entering the body. own descendants.
Lu Bei was slightly surprised. He clasped his fingers tightly on the jade-like spine and pushed Jing Tianshou into the sea of ??stars.
The starry sky gathered, and the star formation instantly took shape.
The Great Seal and the Tiandao Wheel followed into the formation, and countless starlights came and were annihilated, stripping away the divine light of the Tiandao Wheel, and the Great Seal disappeared without a trace.
Jing Tianshou once tried to resist, wielding the Zhuxian Sword and Lu Bei exchanged injuries for injuries, but he was defeated by the jumping frame boxing method. Although the magic weapon was powerful, it was useless no matter how fast it failed to hit.
After several fights, Lu Bei discovered that the Zhuxian Sword in Jing Tianshou’s hand had been cultivated to a physical level and was far superior to him. He snatched it away with his backhand, turning the Zhuxian Sword directly into scrap metal.
It was a pity for Lu Bei that they were destined but not separated.
Fortunately, it’s not a big problem. He has Huang Xiao and Huang Yu. If he works hard, he will be able to build his own Immortal Killing Sword sooner or later.
Starlight flows down like a waterfall, and billions of brilliant brilliance overwhelm the Heavenly Dao Wheel, shattering the white divine light, bombarding the Heavenly Dao Wheel and breaking it into broken copper and iron of different sizes.
Jing Tianshou’s soul was