jumped into Island Master Mo’s heart. In an instant, the scarlet blood even spread to the depths of her eyes. When she looked over, the pair of moves became more and more similar. There are more snake eyes.

At this time, Old Snake’s hoarse voice sounded from Island Master Mo’s ears.
/“It doesn’t matter, it’s just that Danxia’s mother’s backhand was broken. Her place was like a rootless duckweed. This also taught us that the changes here have created discrepancies and disharmony. In fact, let’s talk about it. , it’s just that all the previous calculations have failed, it’s not worth anything, the time margin is still very loose, it’s just that we have to do what we did earlier again.”
When talking about this, the ebony snake staff in Old Snake’s hand had been moved away from Island Master Mo’s snake scales.
His hoarse voice seemed to have lost the flash of anxiety just now, and became calmer and calmer.
“Island Master Mo, do you still remember the original “Heart-Eating Summoning Curse”?”
When the words fell, Island Master Mo’s slightly hoarse and tired voice sounded, but it seemed that except for the indescribable decadence and fatigue, all the negative states had disappeared from Island Master Mo’s body.
“Heart-Eating Summoning Spell”
“On the nine-story spiritual platform, in the Eight Treasures Purple Mansion.”
/“After a thousand tribulations, he was stationed in Tingchang. He controlled all kinds of magic and was called Danxia.”
“Crossing the Magpie Bridge and spreading the sweet rain, crossing Kunlun and subduing the dragon and tiger.”
As this initial version of the Heart-Eating Life-Calling Spell reverberated in the huge snake cave, gradually, mechanical and dull sounds began to echo in the huge snake cave along with the voice of Island Master Mo. In the cave.
Gradually, the turbulence from all directions came again, submerging everyone’s figures in the dark mud and mist. Behind them, the noisy voices intertwined together, and they were as bright as thunder, and they continued continuously.
Said to open the road and move quickly.
However, in front of a group of monks in the foundation-building realm and the elixir-embodied realm, unless the golden elixir transformed into a big demon arrives in person, no matter what kind of menacing monsters block the front, for these monks, it is just a lift. The finger-raising thing.
At this time, all the people who were originally responsible for escorting the precious medicine were wrapped up by the magic power of another group of monks, and they were sheltered together behind the curtains of the stacked scripture buildings. They rode the hunting wind and stepped on the long river of spiritual light, heading towards Tianwu Dao City. The direction of the wind flew away.
As for the monks who escorted the precious medicine, Chu Weiyang was now even more important than the alchemist carrying the precious medicine. The young man was supposed to be “escorted” by Elder Fan of the Shenxiao Sect. But when it was time to leave, Xie Chengqiong still took over thi