ei stepped forward and called out his righteousness. If there weren’t so many people outside, he would have wanted to call him “big brother”.

If you are a dead Taoist but not a poor Taoist, just die, big brother, and let me take care of the good times for you.
After hearing Tai Su’s words, Lu Bei was silent for a moment and said slowly: “Go and get your body back. You and I will agree on a date to fight to the death and there will be no future troubles.”
Speaking of this, Lu Bei was still frightened. When the underworld and Taisu were fighting, he almost couldn’t help but sacrificed the underworld gate of life and death and arrived in the human world to take away Taisu’s body.
Lu Bei could not imagine what the consequences would be, and every time he recalled it, he could only feel terrified.
At this point, Lu Bei felt that he had to thank Tai Su. If the Three-Legged Golden Crow hadn’t been too arrogant, which aroused his competitiveness and competitiveness, and was unwilling to use shortcuts, and he only wanted to win Tai Su into submission, the result would not have been So complete.
In this case, he satisfied Tai Su and allowed him to take back his physical body, while also giving some last words.
“not bad!”
Tai Su nodded, this move was exactly what he wanted.
After taking a deep look at Lu Bei, Tai Su felt a little fond of the pretty boy. No matter what, this was an existence that had troubled him for ten thousand years.
Now it seems that it is worthy of his status and has not brought shame to him.
It’s not really aggrieved.
The golden light turned into a rainbow, and Tai Su disappeared in place like a teleport.
Lu Bei glanced in the direction of Sanqing Peak, transformed into golden light, escaped from the sky and headed straight for the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons.
Abandoning the Sutra, he followed happily. After arriving at the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, he first looked at the Demon Imperial City where Lu Bei was heading, and then looked at the Nine-Tailed King’s City where Taisu was heading.
/I want to go to both sides, so which one should I go to first? It’s so frustrating!
The Nine-Tailed King’s City, the secret realm of Qingqiu Mountain, Taisutian.
/As we all know, the first-generation Demon Emperor Taisu’s favorite was the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. Even if there was a huge disparity in combat power, the status of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan was comparable to that of the Phoenix Clan led by his die-hard brother Feng Yu.
The Nine-tailed Fox clan was proud of their favor. They held three pictures of the Demon King and called themselves the Nine-tailed Sky Fox. They relied on resting on their laurels to maintain their throne in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom for ten thousand years.
He indeed has his proud capital. He killed the arrogant Taisu on his crotch and broke the legend of being invincible.
Although, Taisu is willing to place his body in the secret realm of Qingqiu Mountain instead of his younger brother Feng Biao and his mount Gu Shu, not to mention the Bai Ze clan, which is full of