ages in fighting skills, so he can have a slight advantage, and in the end, it is because of this slight advantage that the outcome of Ding’s life and death is determined.

So as for this moment, the realization of the state of mind, the various feelings in this long line, all these accumulations are finally mixed together, and completely transformed into the transformation and sublimation of the three-element Taoism of the body and the Taoism of all phenomena.
From that moment on, in fact, Chu Weiyang’s Taoist foundation and physical and spiritual essence had surpassed the extreme of the ancient land immortal.
Chu Weiyang has not yet set foot on the path of transcendence.
In fact, the Taoist thinks to himself that he is still a long way from exploring the path to transcendence.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s leap was actually the separation of the concepts of truth and transcendence from each other at the ancient immortal level, the pinnacle of the divine realm, and in the gap that separated them , with deep cultivation that the world can hardly imagine.
Chu Weiyang truly used his accumulation of Taoism and Dharma to prove one thing. When it comes to Tao and Dharma, if it is higher than just one line, it is infinitely higher.
What’s more, now that he has settled in the land of Wuhe You, Chu Weiyang has gained an insight into the essence of the charm of Wu He You’s Taoism, and truly grasps the essence of the principles to destroy it.
/If you really think about it, at this moment, when Chu Weiyang faced the ancient land immortal, his advantage was more than just a sliver!
Thus, in this moment, Chu Weiyang truly accomplished what the old Zen master had accomplished in the past.
This move is filled with the aura of various supernatural powers and Taoism, reflecting the tyrannical suppression and refining of the Taishang Bagua Furnace. This step is both a high-level skill that deceives reason, and a high-level reason that deceives gong!
This is Chu Weiyang’s crushing advantage over the bone-like skeleton in all aspects and fields of Tao and Dharma!
It is enough to seal the coffin and determine the advantage of life and death!
When this world, which is full of fallacies, nothingness and rigidity, is still following the traces imprinted by the ancient Taoism, and regards the level of the ancient Earth Immortal as the ultimate level of the divine realm, Chu Weiyang has already Standing at a higher place, you can see the scenery that you have never seen before.
Transcendence, this is truly the transcendence of Tao and Dharma!
And it is precisely under the blessing of such transcendent Taoist heritage that the spiritual form of the Taishang Bagua Furnace is revealed, and in the rotation of virtual and real auras, accompanied by the torrent of crazy influx from the outside world It is becoming more and more vigorous and solid, as if it is the real innate Taoist weapon that will truly shine in the world through such changes.
The thunder and fireworks that were more powerful than each breath were accompanied by the