, the Jade Snake’s charm was also reflected across the air towards the top of Yujing Mountain.

At this moment, some kind of divine inspiration reflected in Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas through the “Golden Seal of the Spiritual Book”.
In an instant, the Taoist’s thoughts were flowing, and the moment when the name of the real person was thought out, in the three realms of the Taoist field, it was already a God-given name!
Start teaching Hong Dharma Spirit Xuan Yu Miao Zhenren!
In fact, what is special about the Jade Snake at this moment is that it not only follows the “Lingxu Wanmiao Dao Sutra” to prove the unprecedented charm of this book.
She proves the Tao through Taoism, not bloodline!
And perhaps it is precisely because of this that when I look at it now, the demonic aura on the Jade Snake’s body has become thinner and even more subtle, and its aura is closer to that of Xuan who practices inner alchemy. The monks didn’t even see any turbid evil energy manifesting in the rotation of water, fire, yin and yang.
Speaking of which, even with his ethereal temperament, he is getting closer to a Gushe fairy like Yun Han.
/But fortunately, not long after Jade Snake ascended to the divine realm, on the pretext of continuing to consolidate the foundation of his own Taoism, he followed Chu Weiyang directly to Wulong Island, entered Qi Feiqiong’s Taoist temple without permission, and used the True Dragon Qi to The real effect of blood on Qi Feiqiong’s body shows that the supreme demonic veins in his body have not been worn away due to transformation and sublimation.
On the contrary, the dragon and snake demon veins have actually reached the pinnacle and edge of the concept of demon veins through the interpretation of Taoism after the transformation and sublimation of Taoism.
Therefore, in the relatively long period of time that follows, they may live in the Phoenix Palace mixed with thunder and fire, or they may see the Nine Wonders of the Three Flowers and stay in the Cloud Boat in the Hundred Realms, or they may be both dragons and snakes and see the nature of demon blood.
Or perhaps, it was to preach and teach to re-enact the Nine Palaces to restrain oneself, or to severely punish the only elder of the Sword Sect on the top of Qianyuan Mountain.
In this way, using the three elements of one’s own body to combine and refine all kinds of wonderful methods, one can gain insight into all the supreme charms and squeeze out the immeasurable spiritual essence.
It is in the collision and grinding of various dharma, from the cultivation of hundreds of arts to the wonderful techniques of dharma, Chu Weiyang has accumulated the foundation of various dharma, and in this process, it has almost led to the ultimate in vastness.
In fact, at the essential level, the help of these subtle skills and cultivation skills to Chu Weiyang has been very little, or it can be said that it is infinitely close to zero.
But Chu Weiyang understands that these are all qualifications, and they are all for him to be able to gain enl