to him every time!

The old Taoist is getting stronger and stronger, so similarly, the Taoist in Qingyi, who has clearly no chance of promotion or advancement, is becoming more and more difficult to deal with the old Taoist’s killing moves in the process.
There is already such a clear gap between students, but what Taoist Qingyi feels from the old Taoist is still some indescribable greed for the “medicine field”!
As if this is not the true limit of the old man’s prowess, the supreme blood elixir he had absorbed earlier still could not completely make up for the old man’s shortcomings!
What kind of fate has the cycle of time and death brought to this person!
Even at this moment, Qingyi Taoist already regretted that he would take action that day and use the methods left by the sage Zen masters to teach the old Taoist who had just crossed the door of death and life to push back into the ghost world.
Looking back now, it seems that the old Taoist’s cycle of life and death that day had great problems and drawbacks. He had withstood the nail-headed arrow book’s anchoring of the essence of form and spirit, and even lost the essence of Taoism in his body. All of them were smelted one after another with the nail-headed arrow book.
The barely viable situation achieved in this way actually has great hidden dangers. The suppression of the years and the chains of life and death are still entangled in his body. Perhaps the anger that day was already beyond what he could achieve in a long time. Do it to the extreme.
Time and the threshold of life and death are not so easy to cross.
He needs to hone himself for a long time, and even needs to permanently give up and kill part of it from the origin of form and spirit, from the level of the essence of Taoism in this process, in order to be able to hone in the long-term training. , completely getting rid of the anchor of the nail-headed arrow book.
The old Taoist will experience a long period of decline, almost no different from ordinary monks in the divine realm.
/Instead of pushing him back to the ghost world with his own hands and blocking the road of long-term cultivation, he taught him to cross everything in one step and rebuild the complete harmony of the past with the breath of Nirvana. The foundation of thousands of lights!
/It can be said that it was Qingyi Taoist who contributed to the current state of the old Taoism in the province, and formed a cause and effect and hatred with him!
Feeling this way, Taoist Qingyi had mixed feelings. He half lowered his head, looking at the scorch marks on the Fengsheng Golden Palace, and at the twisted chains and the decayed dragons.
“Did I really take the wrong path in this divine realm?”
He was clearly at the top of a hundred feet, taking one step further, but unexpectedly, after stopping at the top, he seemed to have stepped into the abyss again!
So, at the moment when I thought of this, this kind of resentment that caused doubts about my own body and Taoism, finally at this moment suddenly turned into some kind of jeal