onsciously cut off all his thoughts in this paragraph. The removal and sealing will no longer be thought of by the Zen master himself.

When he spoke again, the Zen master even leaned forward.
“It’s the fault of a poor Taoist. You shouldn’t disturb fellow Taoists with mundane things.”
In the process of questioning the Zen heart with the truly pure and light Taoist sound, almost every word and sound that came out of Chu Weiyang’s mouth convinced the Zen master.
After all, perhaps even the Zen master himself has not realized how convinced he is of the Taoism itself.
“Pindao is willing to apologize. I don’t know what Taoist friend Guiyuan Lingmiao wants. As long as Pindao can do it, it doesn’t matter!”
“Then what is the truly ancient and supreme Taoist treasure known as the Great Dao Sutra?
The magnificent picture of the interweaving and collision of Taoism that contains immortal flowers, the supreme Taoism formation formed naturally?
Even if it’s a little tiny, it still possesses the wonderful Taoism that embraces hundreds of schools of thought? ”
Under the light of Yuehua Cave, as Chu Weiyang began to question him unceremoniously one after another, for a while, Zen Master Yuehua fell into silence again.
Not to mention the New Dao monks, the Heavenly Cultivators of the Two Worlds are even more important than the ancient monks in the Three Yuan Realm. Sick looking.
And the so-called pictures and formations that follow, or the wonderful Taoism, are either things that have never been seen by a being like Zen Master Yuehua, or they are Taoisms that Zen Masters are involved in, and it is difficult to see whether they are subtle or not. .
/You’re welcome in every sentence.
Every sentence struck Zen Master Yuehua in his lungs.
Under Taoist Master Pian Sheng’s repeated questioning, following the lingering sound of the light Taoist voice, not only did he not show the greed of ordinary people, but on the contrary, in these continuous words, he could only teach Zen Master Yuehua to show It comes from the purity of Chu Weiyang’s Taoist heart.
This is truly a monk who only has Tao and Dharma in his eyes.
Because of this, when Chu Weiyang suddenly sighed during the Zen Master’s silence, for no reason, the Zen Master even had the urge to lower his head in shame.
The next moment, as if he understood something in Zen Master Yuehua’s silence, Chu Weiyang slowly asked again with a “retreat and settle for the next best” state of mind.
“If there are none of these, what about the Shen Tong Sutra? There is a Shen Tong Sutra that does not involve the body’s lineage, right?”
When he heard this, Zen Master Yuehua looked almost as if he had been granted a pardon.
Facing Chu Weiyang’s gaze, Zen Master Yuehua nodded repeatedly.
“Yes, of course there are. Fellow Taoists can choose among them! If by chance, Pindao also has magical seeds here, and they can be given to fellow Taoists as well!”
For the Three Yuan Realm Realm, magical seeds are mysterious existences that have never been heard of by cultivators; for ordinary monks in