This is the gateway to the yin, ghosts and taiyin!
The Sumeru barrier between each other has not been completely broken yet. These are two great realms where the complete Taoism and the origin are completely integrated and seamless. Connected by the Sumeru Taoism, one door is open. One of the origins of yin and yang in the Taoist temple, a portal is divided into six holes and opens into the origin of Taoism and heaven and earth.
This is even a closer connection between Qi and Yun than the connection between Xumi Barrier!
In fact, it was at this moment, with the opening of this door, that the two realms of yin and yang began to rotate and harmonize with each other at the level of the higher and grander source of the avenue.
Even though the door is still closed, at this moment, the yin and underworld energy is already passing through the gap in the door, and is faintly scattered in Chu Weiyang, the place where the twelfth yin of the dojo is, and then, through the yin and yang of the two mountains in the north and south of the dojo. The circulation makes the pure Yin Ming Qi turn into the colorful Taoism of all phenomena, and spreads between the heaven and the earth.
And similarly, in the cave of Chu Weiyang’s Taoist temple, it was as if he had swallowed it raw and chewed it, and the ancient dharma boat of the past Sanyuanji Zhenjie, and the ancient original world of the nine realms of Baoxian were swallowed up. The power of Mi brings all of these together without hesitation.
On top of the essence of the law, there is actually a subtle disharmony between the aura and the aura.
At this moment, all the “mixed” auras that are contrary to the Taoism of this dojo are all filtered by the flow of yin and yang between heaven and earth at this moment, and then are poured into the yin through the gaps in the door. The world of turbid Yin and Ming.
The other side of the world is where the real furnace of heaven and earth lies. All the complexities, no matter how “gritty” or “difficult to digest” the breath, are all melted into the pure Yinming evil spirit in the other side of the world. After going through such a cycle again, it either turns into pure black and yellow colors and blends into the sea of ??clouds, or it goes through the cycle and returns to the cave sky with a gentle and yin-yang posture.
“Heaven and earth, heaven and earth, yin and yang, the cycle of death and life”
Amidst such soft chanting, what Chu Weiyang felt was not simply the emotion of observing all these changes. Both of them were the two realms of yin and yang that Chu Weiyang completely controlled. At this moment, Chu Weiyang You are really using your own thoughts and thoughts, using Taoist breath, and using charm to feel the smallest changes.
/In the cave of the dojo, all the disharmony and all the traces of patchwork began to fade away little by little. Even during this process, the power of Sumeru continued to pour in, and the spiritual veins merged into the world. In between, the endless grinding of yin and yang makes the d