understanding. One breathed ice mist, and the other sprayed poisonous smoke to drive Lu Bei away from the area where the fruit trees were.

Lu Bei still had no interest in the black giant python, so he captured it with divine power, pinned it to the ground, pointed it into a sword, and pointed a wisp of sword energy at the white giant python.
The sword light radiated vertically and horizontally, and the invisible sword condensed into an almost solid form. Between the piercings, ripples visible to the naked eye quickly spread through the air, shaking away the frozen cold poison that froze the bone marrow.
Sensing the danger, the white-horned python lowered its head, and its single horn met the sword light. Like a flying fish swimming upstream, it easily split the sword into two.
Clearing the sword intention, the white-horned python realized that it had the advantage, and locked the position of Lu Bei with a message, and sprinted
The golden eyes flashed with boundless oppression. The white-horned python’s whole body went limp. It sprinted and slid to Lu Bei’s feet, hissed and spat out a message. After several struggles, it finally couldn’t get up again.
[You defeated the white-horned python and gained 500,000 experience]
“Xiao Bai, remember this face of mine. After you transform, come to me to repay me for saving your life!”
/Lu Bei patted the big snake’s scales to prevent the other party from forgetting. With the blessing of a photocopying spell, he left his mugshot on one of the scales.
Looking back, She Yan picked the only ripe fruit at some point and handed it to the golden-scaled snake.
Swallowing the bone-cleansing and marrow-removing fruit in one gulp, Sister Snake neighed happily, wrapped around She Zhang’s wrist, and concentrated on refining the power of the medicine to assist the speed of bloodline cultivation.
“Good guy, I’m charging in front, and you’re taking advantage from behind. You weren’t like this before.” Lu Bei stepped forward sadly. She Zhang had changed. Since she obtained the blood of the snake god, her spirit has become high, and she is no longer the same old person as before. A good teammate who honestly acts as a shield for him.
“I left seven of the eight fruits for you.”
She Yan turned her head and looked aside: “Besides, it’s not for me to eat. Go find your Sister Snake.”
What is the difference between what it eats and what you eat? Don’t think I don’t know. You two have the same blood and breath, and are intertwined all day long. It is better than dual cultivation.
Lu Bei curled his lips and was about to reprimand him. When he saw the golden-scaled snake hissing and spitting out letters in a cute manner, he immediately waved his hand to indicate that the matter was over.
Miss Snake is cute. Because her bloodline talent is extremely high and her transformation is far away, Lu Bei has always doted on her.
The Blood Soul Fruit obtained in the Snake Mystery Realm and the space ring hidden in Lubei lost the foundation of maintenance due to the dispersion of the snake go