ng the guidance of his master, he just accepted his fate bit by bit.

But even though I accepted my fate, I was still plotted against, and I was not regarded as a real brother and sister!
After thinking clearly about the calculation behind this, I had no way of turning back. Senior Brother Wudu, or should I call you Senior Brother Chu?
Once the path is decided, it will be a path without regrets. But if I follow my own thoughts, I should make my own choice. He is just a Taoist disciple of Huanghua Sect. No matter what step I take in the future, it will all be said. Things that are not allowed.
But you are the root of the Ancient Saint Sect. Your achievements today prove that the heritage and destiny of the Ancient Saint Sect are still there. Perhaps because of my mistake, what I want to miss is the thoroughfare to truly soar into the sky and help the sky rise to the clouds. road!
When you embark on the path of spiritual practice, no one wants to die. I also long to live. Brother Chu, teach me to live, and I can help you more. ”
On the spot, Chu Weiyang remained indifferent and only looked at Qi Feiqiong coldly.
Having had the experience of meeting life and death, it is not difficult to teach Qi Feiqiong to understand Chu Weiyang’s Taoism and understand that it is not the five poisons, but the meaning of Xuanming Danding.
Chu Weiyang’s desire to kill originally originated here.
/So, in the brief silence, Chu Weiyang slowly spoke.
“You are resentful because of the sect’s arrangements in the past, and you can say this to Pindao today; how can I trust you that you will not be resentful because of what happened today, and you will turn your back on Pindao in the future? If you do this again Once?”
On the spot, Qi Feiqiong turned his head blankly and looked at the blade of the sword that was pressed against his neck. He looked at the stack of scales and dragon patterns in a daze. Hearing Chu Weiyang’s words, he just smiled.
She did not reply directly, but slowly raised her other hand, as if she was afraid that Chu Weiyang would misunderstand him again. The five-color aura in her hand was revealed extremely slowly, and finally it was revealed bit by bit, and the aura was pieced together. The miniature five-color dragon form hovers in the palm of your hand.
When I looked at it again now, I saw that the five-colored dragons all looked like real dragons and no longer looked like snakes and dragons.
“Senior brother, do you know how the Huanghua Sect has prevented the backlash of the furnace cauldron since ancient times? Since our lineage can be regarded as the direct disciples of the Taoism, naturally we cannot be really manipulated by naughty children. What kind of prohibition on divine souls, Dantian Things that damage the foundation of human life, such as locking charms, cannot be done.
This is because Huanghua Sect’s defensive measures are directed at the practice of Dharma.
For example, my transformation into a real dragon from a snake dragon has already begun, but it only started because of my senior brother.