nodded solemnly, “Only when you master the ability to interpret symbols can you truly enter the door of mysticism. Well, the patterns on the Tarot cards, every element in the pattern , are all symbols, artificially prescribed symbols to help us understand and interpret the original revelation.”

He pulled out a piece of paper, picked up the pen next to him, and drew a short arc.
Immediately afterwards, he added a few vertical lines under the arc, looked up at Klein and said:
“Do you know what this symbol represents?”
Klein looked at it again and again, and then hesitantly said:
“” Old Neil exhaled and said, “This is the symbol of the harvest constellation, this is the symbol of the thunder constellation, and this is the frost constellation.”
He drew several more symbols at random.
While remembering, Klein couldn’t help but say:
/“The names of these constellations are really, really special and simple, yes, simple.”
So rustic, so primitive
Old Neil smiled and said:
“Emperor Russell thought so too at the beginning. He had always planned to change the names of the constellations to Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio. Unfortunately, he still failed to resist the power of tradition. At least the ancient names of these constellations and the dates they represented. It can guide cultivation and harvest.”
“I have to say that Emperor Russell is a thoughtful person.” Klein didn’t know how to complain.
Well, Emperor Russell should have been a decent person during his lifetime.
Old Neil couldn’t understand Klein’s humor and continued to explain various basic symbols, such as those of various constellations, such as the sun, red moon, brown star, red star and blue star.
While talking about this, he also taught the drawing methods and precautions for a divination astrolabe, the production and materials of crystal balls, and the selection of incantations. Klein was almost overwhelmed by what he was listening to.
If he hadn’t discovered that the “Soothsayer” potion could slightly improve his memory, he would have asked Old Neil to stop it so that he could digest the gains.
“That’s it for today’s occult course. You can think about it for yourself. If you have any questions, you can come to me.” Old Neil took out a golden pocket watch, opened it and took a look, “Don’t forget to read, I’ll prepare it for you.” historical information, and frankly, I feel intimidated when I see them.”
“Okay.” Klein took the drafts that Old Neil had written with symbols and quickly went over the mysterious knowledge he learned today to avoid obvious forgetting.
Old Neil took another sip of the re-brewed coffee and said:
/“Memory alone is not enough. You must use it regularly so that knowledge can be turned into your instincts. In addition, meditation must be done every day. Only by practicing more and using it more can you truly grasp the power of the potion and tap out its hidden potential. Mystery eliminates bad influences.”
When he mentioned this, Klein thought of acting and the divination club, and tentatively said:
“My a