wrapped around his wrist – this thing became disobedient again, so for a while, he couldn’t inspire the spear to attack his opponent.

wrapped around his wrist – this thing became disobedient again, so for a while, he couldn’t inspire the spear to attack his opponent.
However, the speed of his forward running was not affected in any way. Seeing his opponent being sent not far in front of him, he laughed ferociously, stretched out his left hand that was more than ten feet long, and grabbed the opponent viciously.
This catch was done by Jin Shen. He was not afraid of any harm at all. “You also fell into my hands sometimes. The revenge of blocking the road should be settled today.” Seeing
his big hand grabbing , the fat monk found that he could not avoid it, and he was already planning to blow up the flag.
/This command flag was refined by himself, using the secret method inherited from the Pai Gang. Although it is only a quasi-real weapon at present, it has considerable growth potential. If he is allowed to nurture it, it will be upgraded to a standard within ten years. The real thing should be a matter of course.
There are a total of three treasures on his body that are more than quasi-real weapons. Although only Buddhist beads are genuine weapons, those Buddhist beads require extremely profound Buddhist cultivation to exert their due power.
In short, this guy has a lot of treasures on his body, but what he values ??the most is the command flag in his hand.
He originally wanted to refine this object into the famous “True Xuan Guishui Flag”, but now he was considering self-destruction. One can imagine how serious the crisis he encountered was.
The fat monk sighed in his heart: If he had known this result just now, he would have made a decisive blood escape long ago!
In the battle between Zhenjun, the situation really changes rapidly.
Chapter 1022: Killing the True
Monarch with a Knife Gongsun Buqi’s big hand directly grasped the fat monk in ragged clothes.
You can only imagine how miserable it would be for a five-foot-long body to fall into the hands of a person who was more than ten feet long.
But the next moment, Gongsun Buqi exclaimed, shook his left hand, and threw the fat monk directly, “I’m going, is there electricity?” There was
really electricity. Li Yongsheng’s lifeless divine thunder hit the opponent, but there was no Disappear immediately, the release of these thunder and lightning takes some time.
Zhenjun Buqi also saw that Li Yongsheng frequently used thunder techniques, which seemed to be very effective.
But he really didn’t expect that this thunder and lightning could remain on a human body for such a long time – Scholar Huyan was not affected at all when he attacked the monk, right?
/He just happened to forget that the scholar Zhenjun was using magical powers, and they were magical powers that did not require physical contact to be effective.
Gongsun Buqi’s own transformed spear attack didn’t feel like he was getting an electric shock.
In short, this electric shock was beyond his expectation. When he realized that this was actually the residual electricity of Li Yongsheng’s thunder method, the fat mo