cent Moon Kingdom.

cent Moon Kingdom.
The Crescent Kingdom has one less True Lord, but the Second Divine Lord and the Three Divine Lord are also among the best among the True Lords of the Crescent Moon Kingdom. They also have important protective treasures on their bodies, and the two sides actually fought to a close.
Especially the three divine masters, with the divine light from the upper realm, their combat power is even higher than that of the veteran true king, Queen Xuan!
During the Great Patriotic War, the great melee between fifteen true kings only happened twice.
Although the two sides were equally divided, the Middle-earth people had the advantage of the location and were not in a hurry to fight. At the same time, the news that the three gods of the True God Sect appeared in Middle-earth quickly spread.
The people of the New Moon have the greatest hatred in Middle-earth, none other than the Three God Lords. Although the appearance of the Two God Lords initially attracted the attention of Middle-earth, the two God Lords only have a higher status in the True God Religion and have richer experience.
In terms of combat power, he is slightly inferior to the Three God Lords, but in terms of potential, he is a true king who once fell into the realm, while the Three God Lords have unlimited potential, especially when they are young enough.
The appearance of the two God Lords made the Middle-earth Kingdom pay close attention to this battle, but if the three God Lords appeared, Empress Xuan would definitely not only recruit two true kings, Ding Yaoxing and the ancestor of the Yang family, at the beginning.
/But the current situation is that the second and third god masters of the True God Religion have appeared. There is really no need to go into details about what kind of sensation they will cause in Middle-earth.
In the Arctic Palace, a beauty in royal attire was drinking tea. Suddenly, she looked to the west in astonishment. After being stunned for a moment, a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth and she said lightly, “Great Elder, you are in charge of the Aoki Formation. I will go to the Western Border to activate the teleportation array.”
Chapter 1058
The Great Elder of Arctic Palace, the target of public criticism, was not here, but soon, his spiritual thoughts came over, “Fight for the True Lord of the Western Border?”
He was also a former true king, but he fell into the realm. He could feel that there was a battle between true kings in the Western Border, but he could not sense the specific situation.
“The second and third leaders of the Western Xinjiang cult have come to Middle-earth.” Halfway through the words of the palace-dressed beauty, she had disappeared, leaving only the last sentence, “Middle-earth is not his backyard. He can come whenever he wants. Just leave if you want.”
The appearance of the two god masters actually made the third palace master abandon the foundation of the Arctic Palace without hesitation and quickly teleport to the Western Frontier. This shows how hated these two p